Top 10 Executive MBA Programs in the UK

Researching for a good institute that will be appropriate for you is a task in itself. With so many excellent colleges to shortlist one becomes quite difficult. It is said that while choosing one may have to see the course duration, along with the total cost of completing it. The cost will include college fees, transport and hostel fees. The points to keep in mind would be the subjects and teaching faculty when it comes to Executive MBA. The top institutes are mentioned here briefly.

London Business School for Executive MBA in the UK

This institute has been topping the list for many years now and students from all over the world come here for different business programmes. They have regular MBA and EMBA where the basic difference lies on the duration of the course. EMBA is a 20 months’ program where the student is allowed to work full-time and the academics take place after or before the work hours.

University of Cambridge for EMBA in the UK

This is a popular institute for many subjects and is also known for business undergraduate and graduate courses. The eligibility to the course is quite flexible as compared to other places and elder managers prefer taking up the course here to enhance their theoretical knowledge and apply them spontaneously in their work. The course takes place for 20 months with exceptions who take longer to finish.

Oxford University for EMBA in the UK

This is a comparatively new established university for business studies and is in great demand by students because of its modern methods. They have a 21 months’ program for Executive MBA for individuals who looking to study and improve their knowledge along with studying.

Cranfield School of Management for EMBA in the UK

This business school has been able to create a course for longer duration and cutting down on hours of study per day to be very less. This enables the student to concentrate on other aspects of work and gain the knowledge slowly yet deeply. They also have online study option for this program.

Cass Business School for EMBA in the UK

They have designed business programs that take place only as evening classes and on weekends. They have a campus in Dubai as well and is quite well-known among elder students who have to increase their potential in work by studying and applying the knowledge practically.

Lancaster University Management School for EMBA in the UK

They provide both full-time and executive MBA and the eligibility to the program is quite convenient. One can take up the right after graduation or wait for few years. The number of students per batch is not very high to ensure one to one attention.

New Castle University for EMBA in the UK

In the UK, they have ensured that the part time MBA courses are for 2 years instead of one year to reduce the pressure on the student. This college believes in a lot of research work which takes a longer time for the student to complete.

Imperial College for EMBA in the UK

Executive MBA is offered in this college with an option to study from home as well. There is a convenient opportunity provided to students to connect with professors online.

Manchester Metropolitan University for EMBA in the UK

This college has been in the top 10 list for many years and they believe in doing so for coming years as well. There program is designed to ensure complete understanding of the subject with minimal theoretical matter. They have a 30 months’ course for this subject.

Cardiff University for EMBA in the UK

Students from different parts of the world come to study in this University and take back great memories from here. The faculty, the courses, the campus and the environment all are worth the fees they take from each student.