Top 10 Foreign Destinations for Career in Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

ICT or Information & Communications Technology is a study which focuses on the role of unified communications along with the integration of telecommunications and essential enterprise software. The users can thus manipulate, store, access and transmit information as per their needs and requirements.

Top 10 Foreign Destinations for Career in Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

There are several universities which offer an excellent course in ICT which allows an individual to make a career in this field. We bring to you the top 10 foreign destinations where you can make a career in the world of ICT and also study at the best universities ever.

USA – This vast country is home to some of the top ICT universities in the world. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University and Berkeley City College offer world-class education to all its students. It also has several career options in this field to choose from.

Australia – Boasting of internationally ranked universities, Australia is yet another top destination that helps you shape your career in ICT just as you thought you would. RMIIT University, University of Technology (UTS) Sydney and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are the best you can get down under.

Greece – The International Hellenic University located in Thessaloniki makes Greece a popular foreign destination for studying ICT in. It attracts students from all over the world and uses only the English language as its teaching medium. This University offers postgraduate programmes to students in ICT while also giving them an international outlook.

London – One of the best cities to live in, London is a great place to study ICT from. Home to some world acclaimed universities such as London South Bank University, Birmingham City University, City University and University of Sunderland one gets to learn all the fundamentals of computing and systems administration along with other details.

Sweden – It is the presence of an university as great as Stockholm University which makes Sweden a top destination for pursuing ICT. Being more than 100 years old, this university helps foster knowledge and has given the world some of the top technologists ever known.

Netherlands – With several campuses located within the country, the Fontys University of Applied Sciences is the largest of its kind and offers a 4-year study program to international students. The programme is conducted in English by top-level faculty members.

Essex – The University of Essex is one of the best universities to pursue ICT from thereby making Essex a great destination. After the course is complete, students can also work in the field to gain experience and make a career in ICT.

New Zealand – Though a little far away from the rest of the world, universities like Institute of Canterbury, The University of Auckland and The University of Waikato are located in New Zealand offering good education in ICT. Students can also make a career in this field in NZ after their studies.

Canada – The field of ICT is fast growing in the developed nation of Canada. Seneca College offers a variety of courses in the field of ICT making it an ideal choice for students who wish to pursue it as a career choice later in life.

Singapore – Being a great Asian destination to make a career in the field of ICT, this country is rapidly embracing the ICT revolution to promote growth in the economy. The SIM University in this country is known to impart courses in relation to ICT to national and international students alike.