Top 10 Higher Education Destinations for Indian Students

In recent years, it has become a status quo, in the Indian society, to get a foreign degree for higher education. In the past couple of decades, the rate of Indian students going abroad for further studies has increased drastically. The number of higher education destinations have also multiplied with time. An important factor contributing to this change is the easy availability of scholarships and financial aid from foreign universities and the Indian government.

Be it U.S.A, U.K., Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore or Malaysia, the population of Indian students is present in a majority in all these countries. It has become very common to spot Indian students abroad. Indian students have travelled across various borders, in pursuit of their passion. The whole world is open to them, offering new and different higher education destinations. However, in the past few years, some of the higher education destinations have become more popular than others.

Top Higher Education Destinations for Indian Students:-

When choosing a destination for higher education, various things have to be kept in mind. Besides the course and university, it is important to be sure of the city and country that one chooses to study in. The culture and environment of a given country should suit one for their overall growth. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of the top ten higher education destinations that have been ranked by various surveys as best countries to get higher education abroad.

  • London, England

With some of the top universities in the world, such as London School of Economics and Political Science, Imperial College London, University College London, U.K. is one of the most sought after countries for higher education.The diverse student population, intellectual atmosphere and the culture of art and history are added bonuses for this higher education destination. The sophistication of London and its focused education system is an attraction for students from all corners of the world.

  • New York City, New York 

It’s a global city! It is challenging, charming and changing every second! Besides the renowned NYU and Columbia University, New York is an education system in itself. The city teaches its dwellers to integrate classroom learning with real life. This higher education destination is one of the most exciting places in the world. In New York, one is absolutely on their own. Thus, it is a place that will either make you or break you!

  • Boston, U.S.A.

One of the finest higher education destinations in the world! When you hear Boston, you think MIT and Harvard almost as a reflex. This place this for those who aim to change the world for the better with innovation and creativity. Therefore, it takes a lot of hard work and passion to get here. Boston boasts its world-class universities, that have set high parameters for knowledge and education all over the world.

  • Australia

One of the most successful higher education destinations worldwide, Australia has always been a preference for Indian students. One of the major reasons for this is the population. With its small population, the quality of lifestyle and education system is top notch in Australia. When students move from a country as populated as India to a place like Australia, they find the space to explore, enhance and groom their individuality, skills and talents. The cultural diversity, its intoxicating beauty and liberal atmosphere makes Australia a perfect education destination.

  • Germany

Germany is one of the top higher education destinations in Europe. Although slightly costlier than other European countries in terms of living expenses, the country makes up for it with its universities reasonable tuition fee. This place is for people who love to explore and meet new people. Germany harbours a diverse student population and a multicultural environment. It is a great place to study and also to live in.

  • Italy

This Europen country is on this list for it is responsible for setting the standards of modern day universities. Its rich history and culture are integrated with its education system, placing it among world-class higher education destinations. The country is responsible for setting norms for common standards of higher education and even today it plays a pivotal role in influencing the international education system. Above all, the universities here are very much affordable and the living expenses are also manageable. And of course, who wouldn’t like some real pasta while studying?!

  • New Zealand

An increasingly popular destination for Indian students, New Zealand is a beautiful country. Relative isolation from the rest of the world helps the prevalence of independent thinking and intellectuality. This creates a unique learning experience. This higher education destination encourages originality and caters to individuality, as is reflected in its renowned education system. University of Auckland and University of Otago are some of the well reputed universities. New Zealand is the ideal destination for those who enjoy outdoor adventures and being with nature.

  • Canada

Canada is another emerging favourite higher education destination. In recent years, the number of Indian students applying for Canadian universities has increased by manifolds. Low tuition fee and high global ranking universities are the major attraction for Indian students. The popularity of professional and technical education and opportunities for research in various Canadian universities have caught the interest of numerous desi students.

  • Malaysia

Popularly known as ‘Mini Asia’, Malaysia has recently reserved itself a place in the list of preferred destinations for higher education. Malaysia has a rich heritage and it is proud of it. The country blends it culture and heritage with its education system and provides a unique experience for all international students. Various reforms have been undertaken within the education sector, resulting in world-class education and the creation of various programmes meant to cater foreign students. As a higher education destination, Malaysia is very successful with Indian students owing to its liberal and diverse student culture.

  • Hong Kong, China 

The University of Hong Kong alone is responsible for bringing China into this list. This University ranks among the top 50 universities in the world and is one of the 3 top Asian universities. Other than that, Hong Kong is a bustling city with an international flair. It harbours a vast student population. Hong Kong offers a thriving jobs market which is an important factor for students. As a higher education destination, Hong Kong definitely offers an incredible academic and cultural experience.

These are some of the most preferred higher education destinations for/by Indian students. While some are near and relatively affordable, others are far and expensive. Most of the major universities of these countries/cities offer scholarships (merit/competition) and provide for ample choices for courses and degrees. So if you are yet to decide your future course, give this list a careful read and choose from among the best higher education destinations, the one that is meant for you!