Top 10 MBA Courses in the World | Courses in MBA

Top Courses in MBA- Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular master’s degree courses that being opted across the globe. The origin of MBA course finds its root in the United States with industrialization and need to scientific approaches to management in the day to day operations of companies. There are thousands of universities and colleges across globe providing top MBA programs to the MBA aspirants.

Top Courses in MBA

These top management courses allows students an option for selecting the area of specialization in management. With the evolution of different courses in MBA, there has been certain courses and specialization that has been considered as the top courses in MBA.

Through this article, we will cover the top 10 MBA courses across the world. Also, for students from India and Indian sub-continent these courses constitute the top MBA courses to study abroad. Also, these courses allow you to look for and identify the world’s best business schools to pursue any one of these courses in MBA. Below is a list of top 10 MBA courses in the world.

List of Top 10 MBA Courses in the World

  1. MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. MBA in Entrepreneurship
  3. MBA in Finance
  4. MBA in Information Management
  5. MBA in Innovation
  6. MBA in International Management
  7. MBA in Leadership
  8. MBA in Marketing
  9. MBA in Operations Management
  10. MBA in Strategy

While some courses in Management have always been there since the inception of MBA in the United States like MBA in Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, etc. Courses like MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility have evolved over a period of time as a result of socio-economic difficulties over the last few years. Also, importance of Corporate Governance, information technology, globalization have added to the development and demand of courses like Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Information Management, International Management, Leadership and others.

A student can select a course of his/her choice based on his/her interest, area of expertise, business operations, and even colleges and universities they are willing to attend. Different colleges and universities have been identified to excel in one or more of these courses in MBA and a choice can be made by the aspiring students or professionals according to the college and university one is willing to attend.