Top 10 MBA Universities in UK | Names of Business Schools in UK

MBA Universities in UK- When it comes to selecting a prestigious and reliable college to pursue MBA, We’re often confused as to which one will help us be a successful manager. The MBA Universities in the United Kingdom give you all the reasons to opt for a college there. It’s amazing how the B Schools in UK have made it amongst the “Top 20” list of best MBA institutes in the world. UK was the first country, after North America, to have started MBA programs in the 60s. International recruiters consider UK to be the finest country in terms of business education programs. No doubt it is the best country to study MBA at!

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Top 10 MBA Universities in UK:

Here’s a list of the top 10 MBA Universities in UK where you don’t have to think twice before taking admission.

  1. London Business School

Proudly standing as the best university in Europe, followed by INSEAD, London Business School offers a flexible full-time MBA program which is particularly aimed at enhancing young managers with around five years’ of work experience.

  1. Said Business School, Oxford University

This B School secured an almost unbeatable score in academics and has a respectable standing among international recruiters. With an MBA program less than 20 years old (such surprise!), this B school stands third in Europe. The most remarkable feature about the college is that it offers a special ‘1+1’ program in which students can combine their one-year full-time MBA with an Oxford MSc course of their choice.

  1. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Recently occupying a place in the top 10 business schools in Europe, this college is well-known for its research based programs. With a record of employment of 97% of candidates, the school has an average class standing at 152 students, out of which 96% are international.

  1. Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London
    With the fresh start of this year i.e. 2015, this college has launched a new finance research centre and gained faculty members from Wharton and NYU Stern to run it. Imperial College Business School’s cohort has an average of seven years of work experience.
  1. Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Proudly standing 13th in Europe, this college resides in London’s Shard building. In January 2015, the school launched a new executive educational program called EMBA with the release of special master’s programs in finance and human resources.

  1. Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

Due to the donation it received from Lord (David) Alliance, Manchester Business School will no longer be called the same; its name will be changed to Alliance Manchester Business School. However, simply a change of name won’t hurt its reputation. Manchester still stands 14th in Europe for business education.

  1. Cranfield School of Management
    Unfortunately, due to the climb by Manchester Business School and Warwick Business School, Cranfield fell two places down and got the 17th position in Europe’s business schools. Offering programs since 1960s, this college offers MBA, EMBA and a part-time MBA too. On an average, in one class, there are 73 students, out of which 75% are international.
  1. Cass Business School

This London based college jumped from 44th to 22nd position in Europe’s business schools. Next year, it’s going to be Cass’s 50th anniversary and has been benefited from US $ 15.7m entrepreneurship fund since 2010.

  1. University of Edinburgh Business School

In two years, the college has climbed 19 places and proudly stands 24th in Europe’s top MBA colleges. Statistically, it has 96% international students, with whopping 46% females, since it has been opened in 1980. World renowned Edinburgh Fringe festival is held in the city and people actively participate.

  1. Henley Business School

With highest amount of work experience (12 years), the college stands 30th in Europe. The strategy that it uses is that it deliberately enrols mature students. The average age of students studying in Henley is 38. The college is reputed for its MBA specialization in music and online MBA programs.

Undoubtedly MBA universities in UK happen to be the best to pursue business programs. We hope this article was helpful to you.

Good luck!