Top 10 Most Asked Questions About University Tuition Fees in Germany

Germany is a land of top and reputed Universities for various courses. There are more than 380 official recognised Universities in Germany. Students from various parts of the world dream of studying in Germany. However, before taking admission, various questions arise in the minds of students. The main questions from students are about the University tuition fee and other expenses in Germany. Below we are providing the top 10 most frequently asked questions about University tuition fees in Germany.

  1. Is there any tuition fee for students to study in Germany?
  • Yes, the tuition fee is there in Universities in Germany. Students have to pay a minimum administrative fee.
  1. Are there no tuition fees in Universities in Germany? How much is it true?
  • In some universities, the federal government has decided to cut the tuition fee from the course, as to make the course more affordable and students can easily afford and pursue the course.
  1. What is the study cost in Germany?
  • So, if you are opting for studying in University in Germany, lets know about the tuition fee in Germany. Universities in Germany ask the students to pay the tuition fee and the administrative fee both. The minimum tuition fee of the course in Universities in Germany is 2,000 EUR/year and the maximum fee is 22,000 EUR/year.
  1. What are the living expenses in Germany apart from tuition fee?
  • Germany is bit expensive than some of countries. Apart from University Tuition Fees, there are also other living expenses. The monthly cost of living in Germany is 800 EUR/month, which includes rent, transport, food, etc.
  1. Is there any other fee that one has to pay during the course?
  • Apart from tuition fee, administrative fee and living costs, there are certain other miscellaneous expenses such as additional administrative costs, which may lead maximum up to 200 EUR per month. There can also be an enrollment fee, which can be up to, 50-100 EUR/semester.
  1. Is there any news of introducing new tuition fee structure?
  • There are plans of reintroducing the University tuition fees in the year 2017. However, it is not yet final. Let us see when the news becomes success.
  1. How to pay Fee for Universities in Germany?
  • If you are opting to pay for your course, firstly, you have to apply for scholarship and wait for the grant of your scholarship. This will finance your studies.
  1. Can a student apply for scholarship without paying tuition fee?
  • Yes, of course. Students can easily apply for the scholarship.
  1. Who pays tuition fees in Germany?
  • If a student has a resident permit, he or she does not have to pay the tuition fee. But, if the student doesn’t have the resident permit, they have to pay the tuition fee.
  1. What does it mean by no tuition fee in Germany? Is the course valid and recognised, if tuition is not paid?
  • No, if one doesn’t pay the tuition fee, it does not mean that the education will be invalid or unrecognised. The course is as same as the other courses, the difference remains in the study programme cost.

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