Top 10 Student Cities 2017- According to Students

Top 10 Student Cities- Based on the various rating from students from all across the world, we have listed the names of top 10 cities to study abroad. The students who have studied in the places have made this rating. They give the ratings based on the life of students in that particular place, employment opportunities, safety and security, diversity, tolerance and inclusion, culture, atmosphere, climate, transportation, friendliness, etc.

Top 10 Student Cities:

Below we are providing the list of Student Cities according to them.

1.) Ottawa: Canada’s capital Ottawa is the most top-rated place in Canada. It is located in the east of southern Ontario. After a much survey, we have found that Ottawa is one among the Student Cities. The population of Ottawa is around 1.2 million. Ottawa is the friendliest, cool and calm place as per students. The highlights of becoming the student Cities are its multicultural and bilingual environment, employment opportunities, etc.

Ottawa Student City

2.) Prague: Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is after Ottawa to grab its position as the Student Cities. The place is famous for its historical architects. The study and living cost in Prague is very affordable. Student liked this place more because of its European culture.

pregue Student City

3.) Shanghai: Shanghai is the world’s most popular city in China. Shanghai has the biggest financial hub in the country. The place is considered as the student cities because of its amazing nightlife, affordability, good study life, and more international opportunities.

shanghai Student City

4.) Brno: Student experiences a very good life out in Brno. The place is very affordable and amazing lifestyle. It has a good nightlife and friendly for students.

brno Student City

5.) Montreal: Montreal is an amazing city and one among the Student Cities. It is in the fifth position because of its rich art and culture, diversity and low cost of living and study.

montreal student city

6.) Nottingham: In the list of Best Student Cities, Nottingham is one among them. It is in the heart of the United Kingdom, which is rich in art and culture. Students feel very safe and sound in this place.

Nottingham Student City

7.) Boston: This US city is one of the top cities to study in the world. The main reason for getting the students cities is for its friendliness and a great life.

boston student city

8.) Seoul: Seoul is the capital of South Korea. It is an amazing and a happening place to live. Students find it very safe and friendly in Seoul. It has more scopes for higher studies.

Seoul student city

9.) Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe (Keihanshin): Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe is not a single city but they are three different cities and it is wrapped together and considered as a metropolitan area. Students find the place very safe and friendly. The lifestyle in the place is very modern and rich. It has more employment opportunities as compared to other cities.

Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe city

10.) Taipei: Taipei is one among the favourite cities of students. Taipei is friendly, has the low cost of living, modern lifestyle and much more. It has good transport facilities and good local foods.

Taipei city

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