Top 10 Study Abroad Countries in the World

There must have been a good reason why the majority of the students want to spend their study time in these countries. Study overseas can enhance your university years and will also give you an advantage when seeking jobs, as many organizations want their employees to have a broad perspective and experience. These top 10 countries are judged on the basis of the six factors- Experience a new culture, achieve career goals, to have an adventure, to make new friends/widen professional network, to access higher-quality teaching, most chosen university.

The Top 10 countries for studying abroad

1. USA

American Universities have always been drawing student’s attention towards it like a magnet. Despite being the most powerful country in the world, the services provided by these universities are at par – valuable academics, professional and personal development, variety in job opportunities, and a high-profile environment. Approximately 50% of the world’s top 100 universities consist of US universities. This is one of the major reasons that’s why the USA is ranked at 1.

The USA has always welcomed the multicultural environment, so you won’t face any cultural shock at any town or city. US universities support cultural diversity and also organize various social and cultural activities for their students. The USA has the world’s largest international student population, with more than 1,000,000 students choosing to broaden their education and life experience in their universities.

2. UK

The United Kingdom is another very popular country for students to study abroad. From the oldest and reputed universities present in the UK to the advanced technology and opportunities’ given to its students are very attractive. Statistics show that the total number of international students in the UK is currently 485,645. Some universities also give high-quality postgraduate study opportunities and also offer sponsorship to extend Tier4 visas.

Students get UK visas very easily and also the cost of living is moderate in comparison to other countries. Universities grant permission to their students that they can work part-time to earn some living.

3. Australia

Thousands of students fly south to visit the land down under Australia. And feel like they’re on top of the world. Australia is one of the most recognized countries as one can see many international students. Australian universities are best ranked especially in business, humanities, and in the science field.

799,371 international students each year enroll in Australian courses. Many students prefer to study here as they get cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education and moreover there are no language barriers as it is an English speaking country. In comparison to other English speaking countries, the cost of tuition fees is low and also one gets tons of scholarships and the living expenses are affordable.

4. Germany

More and more students searching for excellent and affordable overseas studies are now turning towards Germany. German universities have world-renowned programs, famous for Business and Science courses with an affordable price tag, advanced classrooms, and talented teachers and depth of scholarships for international students- these are just a few reasons which attract the students.

Germany is becoming a very popular study destination. Consequent to this high attractiveness the country has reached its long-term of welcoming 350,000 international students. Germany institutions give everything that its students want from world-class education to an adorable lifestyle and good food, of course.

5. Switzerland

Shocking? But Switzerland stands as one of the most successful countries in providing education to these international students. Around 50,000 students around the globe opt for Switzerland universities. Being a small country, but has so much to offer besides its wonderful environment. Switzerland gives us two topmost high rated universities that come under Top 100 Universities in the world.

The Swiss education system offers students opportunities for their careers. Swiss universities offer one of the best and renowned MBA and PhD programs to their students. Also, it is the most beautiful country in Europe. Students can refresh their minds in summer break by skiing in the Swiss Alps, wander through majestic fairy tale castles and savor the taste of some of the most delicious chocolates.

6. Singapore

You have seen Singapore as the vacation destination with “good food, wine, local cuisine”, “rich history and heritage”, and its “world-class beauty and natural environments”. But why not change this vacation destination as an education destination for your child. Singapore gives you some of the best universities which are a part of the world’s top 100 visited universities.

The city attracts around 65,000 foreign students. With its relatively affordable education and top-notch courses in computer science, applied science, law, and animation; Singapore is one of the best counties to apply. With technological advancements and better research work, it attracts more students around the globe. You’ll also meet some of the friendliest and happiest people around you which makes you’re living more comfortable and secure.

7. France

France stands with pride amongst many countries in the world ranking of top 100 universities with its diverse and high quality in academics. The country is considered as a “Fashion Mafia”, seeing the beauty of its rivers, mesmerizing Eiffel tower and its delicious varieties of cheese, it’s at the top of people’s choices.

There are currently more than 250,000 international students in France. France has almost 3500 institutions that provide with best of technology and career opportunities to its students. Or take the opportunity to brush up your French by doing some language course and start your career as an undergraduate lecturer which is in high demand.

8. Canada

Recently, Toronto is ranked as the most appropriate city for students, among the three Canadian cities. It is no wonder that 6.5% of students in post-secondary education in Canada come from abroad. As the country is known for its diversity and cultural values, it will be an easy job to settle in with no cultural shocks and language barriers.

You can spend your vacation by seeing the beauty of Niagara Falls, trek one of the many mesmerizing national parks or meet a polar bear in Churchill! The most important reason why people choose to study from Canada Universities because of their high-quality educational opportunities. Degrees received from these universities will be very beneficial as it acts as a mark of trust and experience around the globe.

9. Spain

Spain makes the irresistible choice for your study abroad destination! With low living costs, an excellent education system, and over 70 universities to choose from, you’ll be confused in your choices of courses and universities. Spain is a very romantic and outrageous country with sunny, historical, and beautiful places all around.

The artwork of Picasso and Gaudi or cheering on Real Madrid and Barcelona in their home stadiums, you will have an amazing experience if you study abroad in Spain. Madrid is home to some of the best Spanish universities, including four which feature in the World top 100 University where 60,000 international students have enrolled. Also living and studying in Spain will give you command in the Spanish language.

10. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a vibrant nation that is home peaceful population, making it well known for being one of the happiest countries in the world! The country is famous for its wild landscapes and extreme sports. With over 60 universities to choose from, it gives you a broader view of education and affordable living costs makes a great place to get your degree. Around 2000 students enroll themselves in a warm and humid country.