Top 20 UK University Rankings by Subject

Like all the others years, this year also,  top UK universities has stood its ground in the Times Higher Education ranking for subjects such as Arts and Humanities. UK universities are pioneers in education institutions in the world. Universities of  UK often make it to the top of the university leaderboard. Also, there is total of five UK universities rank wise which occupied the place in the top 20 UK university Rankings by subject as compared to the four from the last year. They are Oxford University which is in fourth place, Cambridge University which is in sixth place, University College London which is in fifth place, King’s College London which is in fifteenth place and Edinburgh University which is in 16th place.

According to the head of the Oxford Humanities division, Oxford Research Center in Humanities sector which was launched in May 2013 is one of the reason for its success in this area.

If we talk about the Top UK Universities Subject Ranking,, it has always been referred as one of the motivators in the student’s life in choosing the best university. Now there are certain criteria which are followed when deciding the Top UK Universities Rank. These criteria are as follows:

  • Levels of the standards of the entry students
  • Satisfaction of the students
  • Quality of the research
  • Ratio of staff and students
  • Graduate prospect
  • Facility spend
  • Rate of completion
  • Students graduating with first degree

Following are the few names of  Top 20 UK Universities Ranking Subject Wise:

  1. University of Cambridge  – economics, law and science
  2. University of Oxford- Humanities and Law 
  3. Imperial college London – Science, engineering medicine.
  4. University of St.Andrews- International relations and computer science
  5. Durham University -Psychology, English
  6. University of Warwick – Economics, International studies
  7. University of Exeter-Business, IT, economics
  8. UNiversity of Surrey-  Sociology, engineering
  9. London School of Economics- Economics, Law, Social Science
  10. University college, London- Medicine, Science , Law
  11. Lancaster university – Art and Design, Drama Management
  12. University of Bath – MBA, engineering
  13. Loughborough University – Sports, Engineering
  14. University of Leeds – Business, Engineering, Marketing
  15. University of York – Business, Development studies
  16. University of Southampton – Business, Engineering
  17. University of Birmingham -Engineering, economics.
  18. University of East Anglia- Management, environmental sciences
  19. University of Sussex  – Media and Film, Politics.
  20. University of Bristol – Engineering and Medicine

Cambridge university is one of the  oldest university in the world. It is currently placed 3rd in the  world universities ranking along with the Stanford university. It also holds some of the notable prestigious alumnus like Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawkins. It is an exceptional university for students interested in pursuing accounting, mathematics and biology along with economics and law.

Oxford university  holds the largest university press in the world by the name Oxford University Press. Some well known notable alumni are associated with this university including the  26 British Prime Ministers. This university offers best-in-class courses in humanities and law.