Top 50 Colleges in the UK

By recent survey in 2015/2016, it has been established that the UK has the top 10 ranking colleges on the basis of the world ranking. It is very difficult to search for a good undergraduate college for studies and is a stressful work. Let’s see what are the top 50 colleges in the UK.

Points considered for survey

So, surveys have been conducted which are based upon some points after taking reviews from guardians. The basic points for reviews are the course of teaching, teaching style, whether satisfied with the teaching, teacher and student ratio, student to nonteaching staff ratio, the tariff for average entry, performance of students out of 10, score for value addition out of 10, after 6 months’ career of the students. So, based on these investigations and reviews from the guardians, the following results have been established as a ranking of the colleges in the UK.

So, all the aspects above are considered, and the top 50 colleges in the UK are declared accordingly. Below are the results-

Top 50 colleges in the UK

  1. Cambridge- It is the one the oldest universities in the world and in ranking, it is 3rd in the world along with Stanford university.
  2. Oxford- In the world ranking, it is 6th, and the press in the university is the largest press in university among the world.
  3. Andrews– It holds 68th rank in the world.
  4. Bath– It is holding 159th rank in the world.
  5. Imperial College– In world ranking, it holds the 8th position this year.
  6. Surrey
  7. London School of Economics
  8. Durham- It holds 61st rank in the world.
  9. Warwick– It holds 48th rank in the world.
  10. Lancaster– It holds 121st rank in the world.
  11. UCL– In world ranking, it holds the 7th
  12. Exeter
  13. Heriot-Watt
  14. UEA
  15. Loughborough
  16. York– It holds 103rd rank in the world.
  17. Birmingham– It holds 76th rank in the world.
  18. Edinburgh- It holds 21st rank in the world this year.
  19. Southampton– It holds 81st rank in the world.
  20. Kent
  21. Leicester
  22. Aston
  23. Nottingham– It holds 70th rank in the world.
  24. SOAS
  25. Glass glow– It holds 62nd rank in the world.
  26. Cardiff- It is holding a 122nd position in the world.
  27. Coventry
  28. Leeds– It holds 87th rank in the world.
  29. Newcastle– Holds 162nd rank in the world.
  30. Reading– It is holding 156th rank in the world.
  31. University of the arts London
  32. Queen Marry- It holds 109th rank in the world.
  33. Manchester– It holds 33rd rank in the world.
  34. Bristol- This year, it holds 37th rank in the world.
  35. City
  36. Royal Holloway
  37. Sheffield– It holds 80th rank in the world.
  38. Strathclyde
  39. Oxford Brookes
  40. King’s College London– It holds 19th rank in the world.
  41. Aberdeen– It is holding 137th rank in the world.
  42. Keele
  43. Sussex
  44. Northampton
  45. Liverpool- It is holding a 151st position in the world.
  46. Queen’s, Belfast
  47. Dundee
  48. Goldsmiths
  49. UWE Bristol
  50. Derby

So, you don’t need to be confused as to which university to select for pursuing your choice course. You can see the university websites in which you wish to study and apply there.