Top 50 Universities in UK

The top 50 universities in UK are categorized on the entry standards about the number of students enter the university every year. This depends on the subject the student chooses and the program they do. There are some courses with a very less floating and there are some courses with high floating. The other factor on which the top 50 universities of UK are categorized is satisfaction of the students. This is usually to know the views of students on the teaching standards of the university. So every year the universities will be survey with the final year students to know about this.


Research assessment is one of the factors that make the universities to stand in top 50 universities of UK. This is about the research quality that is provided by the university. All the departments in a university will be checked for a quality profile in research and the grade points are calculated and this will be calculated on the number of staff working in each department. The intensity of the research tells about the involvement of staff in the research part. The research excellence framework will be taking care of these standards the universities are listed among top 50 universities in UK.

The graduate prospect is referred to the employment opportunities provided to the graduates of first degree.  In this the ratio of total graduates and the number of graduates that are placed will be calculated and then ranked among the universities. Even the staff and student ratio is very important for a university to stand in the position. The academic services provided by the university like library, computing all are useful in gaining a top position. The universities are checked for the proper usage of all the funds provided to them for the expenditure will be helpful, so the accounting is also very important.

Based on all these factors the top 50 universities in UK are

1.       The Cambridge university

This university offers courses on engineering and medical. The university provides scholarship for international students. This university is best known for its research and facilities they provide.

2.       The Oxford university

This university is the largest university that has more that thousand students passed out every year successfully. There are wide ranges of courses in this university. The faculty are well trained and professionals.

3.       London school of Economics

This university is best known for its education in business administration and accounting. The university provides scholarship for international students.

4.       Imperial college London

This university is providing highly reputed education with a high valued certificate. This degree is best known over the world and the placements they provide are high paying.

5.       Durham

6.       St Andrews

7.       Warwick

8.        Surrey

9.        Lancaster

10.   The Exeter

11.    Bath,

12.    Loughborough

13.   University college London,

14.   Southampton,

15.   Bristol,

16.    East Anglia,

17.   York,

18.   Birmingham,

19.   Leeds in

20.   Edinburgh

21.   Sussex

22.   The Kent,

23.   The King’s college London,

24.   The Leicester,

25.   The Nottingham,

26.   The Newcastle,

27.   The Sheffield,

28.   The Manchester,

29.   The Reading,

30.   The Glasgow,

31.   The Cardiff,

32.    The Aston,

33.   The Queen Mary University of London,

34.   The Essex,

35.    The Queens Belfast,

36.    The Heriot- Watt,

37.    The Strathclyde,

38.   The Liverpool,

39.    The Aberdeen,

40.   The City,

41.    The Dundee,

42.   The SOAS University of London,

43.   The St Georgia University of London,

44.   The Swansea,

45.   The Keele,

46.   The Stirling,

47.   The Coventry,

48.   The Brunel University

49.   Goldsmiths University of London.

50.   University of Hull

These are the best rated top 50 universities in UK for The year 2016. These universities are arranged as per the ranking in an increasing order.