Top Best Universities in USA

Top Best Universities in USA
Top Best Universities in USA

To get into the top Universities in USA, you need to score pretty high in the exams like TOEFL, GRE, SAT, etc. There is a huge competition to get into the best Universities in USA, which are listed below.

Princeton University

This University is among the top Universities in the United States of America that needs a special mention. It is located in Princeton in New Jersey. The tuition fee in this University is approx 43450 US$. But this University gives grants to the eligible students who face difficulties in paying the huge amount of tuition fees.

Yale University

Yale University is located in the heart of the city of New Haven in Connecticut. It has 12 residential colleges under it that provide an encouraging environment to the students. Yale University has a constant rivalry with Harvard University. Some of its distinguished alumni are actress Meryl Streep and actor Edward Norton.

Harvard University

It is a very popular name in the list of the top notch Universities of the world. Harvard University boasts of having an extensive collection of the oldest books and articles that serve the students in a positive way. Harvard University treasures eminent alumni personalities.

Stanford University

It is a private Institution which was founded in the year 1885. It has a well-built infrastructure that can design Solar Cars every two years.  Students of this University are allowed to contribute to the research projects.

Massachusetts institute of Technology

This is a renowned private institution for technological and scientific research works. This institution houses “the sponge”, which is a dorm which was designed by Steven Hull. Apart from the research works this private University also offers courses in Architecture, Social Sciences and Humanities.

California Institute of technology

This private Institution is located in Pasadena, California. This University gets grants from NASA, the US Department of Health and Human Services and the National Science Foundation.

University of Chicago

It is located in the Hyde Park community in Chicago and has a rich ambience in its campus. It was founded in the year 1892 and since then it has been serving as one of the leading research Institutes.

University of Pennsylvania

This University was founded by Benjamin Franklin in the year 1740. It is a private institution situated in urban Philadelphia. The students of this University involve themselves in the community service in west Philadelphia. It is a part of their study program.

These are some of the top best Universities in USA; getting admissions in these Universities is truly a dream come true.

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