Top Countries Which Offer Part time Jobs Opportunities during Study Abroad

After the study abroad era starts, students start searching for part-time jobs in their host countries. It is extremely important for you students to achieve such opportunities as you gain work experience and learn to earn some money. Studying abroad is a great venture in itself, as you have to fit into the new culture altogether with studying. Students cannot manage their expenses related to studying from the money earned, but at least they can learn to cover a few of them. Not all countries allow its students to work while studying, and not all days of the week are meant for working in abroad. This is why we have made a list of countries that offer part time job opportunities during Study Abroad.

Part time Jobs Opportunities during Study Abroad

Now, let us have a look at the top countries of the world that offer part time job opportunities during Study Abroad for its students –

  • USA – In USA, students will be allowed to work within the Institution, only if they have F-Visa with them. Having an F-1 implies that students can work for 20 hours per week and for 40 hours during the vacation period. The part-time job can be done in the university’s cafeteria or the Library (for example). For working outside the campus, students will have to ask for the permit of the Immigration Services of the United States. By doing this, students can either opt for Optional Practical Training or Curricular Practical Training.
  • UK – In UK, students having a Tier 4 Visa can work. A student wanting to work should belong to an institution funded by the government or to an institution offering higher education degrees. The type of work totally depends upon the type of course being pursued from a particular institute, and the duration of work will be 20 hours per week. In vacations period, it extends up to 40 hours.
  • Australia – In Australia, students are allowed to work for 40 hours for every two weeks and full-time in the vacations period. Also, the government of Australia is responsible for deciding the minimum wages for a student. The amount of wages depends upon the type of work being done in Australia.
  • France – In France, a student can work only if he/she has a residency card and has access to the Social Security System. Students are allowed to work for 964 hours during the year, and are paid 40 Euros per hour. It is important to know that 20% of the salary earned by students is spent as taxes.
  • Germany – In Germany, students are allowed to work for 120 days while working full-time and for 240 days while working part-time. Wages paid per hour usually vary from 6-10 Euros. If a student wishes to extend the number of days of work, he/she should contact the Federal Employment Agency or the migration authorities. And, if a student is pursuing a language course in Germany, he/she can work only during the vacation periods.
  • Spain – In Spain, a student can work for 20 hours per week after taking the permission from local authorities. Students should work in relation to their course. In vacations time, students can work for 3 months altogether.

Hope this article clearly explains about Part Time Jobs Opportunities during Study Abroad.