Top Courses to Study in Germany

Top Courses to Study in Germany- Do you want to study in Germany, but are confused over the Best courses to Study in Germany or Top Courses to Study in Germany? Germany makes available to its students a diverse range of opportunities to hone their skills in a world-class environment.

Germany has been listed as the most supportive country for international students, offering myriad choices in courses, at a relatively low academic fee as compared to universities in other parts of the world. More than 35 German Universities have made it to the latest QS Rankings, thereby carving a niche for itself in the international academic world.

Top Courses to Study in Germany
Study in Germany

Top Courses to Study in Germany:

Top Courses to Study in Germany
Study in Germany

Some of the most sought after fields of study are given below, offered at various levels ranging from Baccalaureate/ Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate, and Short certificate courses.

Business Administration And Economics

Universities like Heidelberg University, Technical university of Berlin, and ESCP Europe Business School, have excellent comprehensive business programs aimed at sharpening your business skills, alongside offering majors in Economics and Accounting. Students can opt for varying combinations of subjects according to their interests and acumen.


This field of study is again offered by numerous German universities at various levels, and solidifies your foundations in Civil, Criminal and Public Law. These are further sub-segmented in social, industrial, fiscal, German, international, medical law, among others. Though it is a theory-based subject, many German universities combine classroom teaching with practical approaches.


Dentistry is a medical field requiring exemplary scientific education and specialization. German universities offering a degree in this course ensure an all-around training program, so that high-quality dentists enter the area. This is certainly one of the top courses to study in Germany. Other science subjects like Physics and Chemistry have a strong demand in the German education market too.


Technical University of Berlin has been ranked 47th in the world in the field of engineering and technology. It, along with other universities, offers programs in civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science, and aerospace, automotive, naval and ocean engineering. With so many options to choose from, engineering aspirants from around the world can select the one best suited to them.

More Courses:

Germany also ranks high in imparting education in fields like art history, psychology, modern language, world literature, philosophy, and life sciences. The best part about all of these courses is that they are available in both the native German and English. So, if you’re a non-German speaking foreign student, do not worry, Germany takes the best care of its students!