Top Courses & Universities for Oil, Gas & Petroleum Engineering

Pursuing a course in the field of oil, gas & petroleum engineering is not an easy job as it takes years to master it and make a fine career in this field. Being the field of engineering which concerns activities in relation to hydrocarbon production, it falls within the sector of the gas and oil industries too.

 Oil, Gas & Petroleum Engineering

Excel as a petroleum engineer

There are several courses and universities that offer courses in this field, but to excel as an engineer in the world of petroleum, we advise students to choose from these top course and universities.

Stanford University, California, USA – This University offers a Master’s of Science (M.S.) in petroleum Engineering program which is one of the top courses that you can enrol into after your bachelor’s. Students are trained to play advanced role in the industry of petroleum engineering and several research areas are covered in this course making a student proficient in the subject. Additional engineering coursework is also offered to students pursuing this course.

Marietta College, Ohio, USA – Students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Petroleum Engineering as their course of study should definitely consider applying to this university. Being a liberal arts program, it takes in just about a hundred students for the same and is internationally acclaimed as it is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission. The final semester requires the students to complete an internship and a team design project giving them practical and hands-on experience of the field.

University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia – Taught under ASP or the Australian School of Petroleum, the petroleum engineering program is one of the best that students can enrol into. It is known for offering an extremely comprehensive and detailed curriculum which covers subjects like petroleum geo-science along with extensive research. The integrated teaching and top notch practical experience makes this course worthwhile.

University of Manchester, Manchester, UK – It is not easy to get admission for a course in oil, gas & petroleum engineering in this reputed University. Students must be able to satisfy all the tough entry requirements to be eligible for the 4-year program. Graduating from this University automatically improves the chances of a student being employed by the leaders of the market in the oil industry and gives him international recognition. The program’s aim is to help students become all rounds in the field of petroleum engineering and be second to none in this field.

University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway – The research work done in this University is conducted at the prestigious International Research Institute. Several private firms and government agencies often sought the help of this University when they need expert opinion on matters relating to petroleum’s economic production and discovery. Students can choose from bachelor’s master’s or a doctorate degree as per their level of education.

University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Being a Public Research University, it is one of the top Universities in Canada for studies related to Petroleum Engineering. It offer a bachelor’s degree in Oil and Gas Engineering and also Masters in Engineering which trains the students to be able to meet the oil industry’s competence levels and excel in this career in the future. One of the best aspects of this University is that it offers assistantships and scholarships to international students.