Top Engineering Universities in UK

The idea of studying in the urbane pastures of the United Kingdom casts a spell of fantasy in every individuals mind. The UK and its rich heritage adds to persona of the student pursuing education from there. The UK famous for its various courses stands apart even for it engineering discipline. The various famed universities of international repute offer engineering courses across discipline ranging from CS/IT to civil and mechanical engineering. Engineering universities in UK stand apart for the state of the art education they provide as well as the exposure a student gets while studying in these universities.

Top Engineering Universities in UK:

Engineering, one of the most pursued discipline of the world finds its way in creating leaders of the industry. Thus to create good leaders one needs to get through good universities. Choosing the right Engineering universities and course is of vital importance. It is crucial to understand which university in UK best suits you, keeping in mind past academics, personal interest and future scope.

Engineering Universities in UK
Engineering Universities in UK

The UK has some of the best and finest universities in the world to choose from. Now, lets have a quick view on the universities offering engineering course before we divulge into individual disciplines and their scope in engineering universities in UK.

  • University of Cambridge: World ranking: 5

Ranked 5th in the world, the University of Cambridge is one the finest engineering university in UK.

  • Imperial College of London: World Ranking: 6

The imperial college of London, is the joint second best university in the world is famed for its engineering courses and comes second to the University of Cambridge.

  • University of Oxford: World Ranking: 7

The university of Oxford, maintains its historic standards even to this date, and ranks 3rd for engineering university in UK. The department of engineering science, founded in 1908, produces 160 quality engineering graduates every year. It also facilitates M.Eng. courses on site.

  • University of Manchester: World Ranking: 37

The faculty of engineering and physical sciences at the University of Manchester has nine schools wiz school of chemical engineering and analytical science, school of physics and astronomy and school of computer science. Despite being ranked low, University of Manchester still provides exemplary education.

Engineering in UK: Engineering Universities in UK provide two types of programs, B.Eng. and M.Eng. The various popular disciplines offered invariably across engineering Universities in UK are:

Mechanical Engineering in UK: This branch involves use of physics and material science to analyse, design and maintain mechanical systems. It is the oldest and broadest of engineering disciplines.

Some of the top Engineering universities in UK offering mechanical engineering are: Cambridge, Imperial College of London, Bristol, Bath, Southampton

Civil Engineering in UK: deals with design, manufacture and upkeep of structures like buildings, dams and bridges. Civil engineering has wide scope in private as well as public sectors.

Some of the top Engineering universities in UK offering Civil Engineering are: Cambridge, Imperial College of London, Bath, Southampton, Bristol

CS/IT Engineering in UK: involves design of computers, chips, programming and coding of various automations. It is the fastest evolving field on engineering today.

Some of the top Engineering universities in UK offering CS/IT engineering are: Cambridge, Imperial Collge of London, Oxford, St Andrews, Bristol.