Top Foreign Universities for Geology and Earth Sciences

Being an all-encompassing term, Geology and Earth Sciences are related to those fields of science with deal with the planet we live in, Earth. Though it has an older history, it is seen to be a branch of planetary science. Petroleum geology, oceanography, geochemistry, climatology and geophysics are some of the topics covered under this field.

Geology and Earth Sciences
Geology and Earth Sciences

Scope of Geology and Earth Sciences

With a huge demand for geologists all around the world, several universities offer graduate and undergraduate programs in this field. Here are some of the top foreign universities for Geology and Earth Sciences which offer exceptional education in this field making you an expert in the same.

California Institute of Technology, CA, USA

One of the top universities around the globe, the California Institute of Technology has a dedicated division for geology and earth sciences which studies the Earth’s origin, development and composition. With some high experienced geologists as professors, Caltech is undoubtedly the best university you could study in when it comes to a subject like Geology.

Swiss Federal institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

Another top notch university, students who have studied courses related to geology and earth sciences from this institute have managed to secure high-paying jobs in geology centres around the world. Being ranked amongst the top 10 universities the world has seen, the great Albert Einstein was also a student here. Though the cost of living of this country can be quite high, it is totally worth studying in this institute if you can afford it.

Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA

One of the world’s most prestigious universities, the Geology & Earth Sciences division encompasses a huge range of disciplines related to science and also teaches applications related to environmental endeavours. With more than thousands of students applying for this course from all over the world, admission is quite difficult and only offered to the very best amongst the lot.

University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

If United Kingdom is the place where you want to pursue your program in Geology & Earth Sciences; you must apply to the University of Oxford without fail. The course in this internationally acclaimed university studies the changes related to Earth Sciences that happen rapidly and offers students a thorough scientific training in the same. Completing your undergraduate or postgraduate degree from this University will help open a world of possibilities for your career in the future.

Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Located in the country’s capital, the Australian National University offers courses in this subject which aim to study Earth along with the marine sciences which play a vital role in balancing life on Earth and the formation of the Solar System. Some of the world’s leading researchers act as guest professors to impart first-hand knowledge to the students.

University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Offering students a global outlook towards this subject, the University of Toronto is one of the finest universities to pursue a course in Geology & Earth Sciences. It offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the same with the best faculty members, several research opportunities, a chance to attend exceptional seminars and interaction with some of world’s top geologists.