Top Law Colleges in UK for LLB, LLM- Study Abroad

Law Colleges in UK, Law Colleges Study Abroad

Law Colleges in UK- In the crowd of engineers and doctors, there are a few students inclined towards legal profession. But with limited and highly competitive training places and colleges for barristers and solicitors, it becomes very important for those aspiring their career in law to choose a proper college. With right attitude and correct direction of motivation, the recompense of legal career can be amazing. A law degree not only provides you with access to a diversity of legal careers, it is a gateway to many other professional careers too.

Top Law Colleges in UK:-

Every year, a large number of candidates from all over India go abroad for further studies. Some candidates gets admission for Law too. So, you must know about the options of colleges before getting admission. Then you can choose College for you which suits better. In the same process, I am here with list of top Law Colleges in UK.

Law Colleges in UK
Law Colleges in UK

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Master of Laws (LLM) are the most sought out degrees for students seeking career in law. LLB, originated in the UK is taken up by students as soon as they complete their schooling. However, the  in a few countries the LLB is a second degree after which graduates are eligible to take the BAR exam and become licensed lawyers. LLM, is an internationally renowned postgraduate degree, which can be taken soon after the LLB or Juris Doctor.

With reputed law colleges in UK, students can get the best of their most rewarding and challenging education from there. Here is a quick glance at the top 10 colleges to study law in the UK:-

  1. University of Cambridge:-

The best University overall, University of Cambridge provides a brilliant opportunity of learning vibrant legal systems. The faculty of Law demands an average IELTS score of 7.5 for taking admissions in the LLB and LLM. For LLM, a first class degree from a well recognized UK University or an equivalent overseas University is mandatory.

  1. University of Oxford:-

With an 800 year history of law education, a qualifying law degree at the university has a special spotlight on first-hand study of legal sources and forming a legal argument. Among the successful candidates in the University, are those with throughout A and A* grades in their previous law colleges. Getting into such a giant University definitely requires a knack of hard work and impressive profile.

  1. Durham University:-

One of the most reputed Universities in UK, Durham provides a wide variety of subjects and specializations in the LLM and LLB. Along with the major eligibility criterion, matriculation regulations are followed as well for entrance in the Durham University.

  1. London School of Economics and Political Science:-

With  a distinctive, interdisciplinary character, The Law Department is one of the largest in the school. It has played a key role in policy debates and policy-making is deeply influenced legal education in most common law countries. Unlike other universities, LSE welcomes applications from mature applicants, even with non-standard qualifications.

  1. University College London:-

The University College London boasts inevitably  about their degrees involving rigorous study of the principles of law, and applying its concepts and methods. In addition to academic qualifications, the University specifies that the applicant must also complete the National Admissions Test for Law, the LNAT.

  1. University of Nottingham:-

With a student satisfaction score of 4.20, University of Nottingham is an excellent institute for budding minds eager to attain LLB or LLM degree. With exciting undergraduate law degrees  recognised by the Bar Standards Board and Solicitors Regulation Authority as Qualifying Law Degrees, it promises a bright future for law students.

  1. University of Glasgow:-

With a remarkable 481 UCAS points on average, and a 99.8 percent degree completion rate, University of Glasgow provides undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes along with a diploma in Legal Practice. A minimum 2.1 honours degree is required for LLM aspirants. However, the applicants with a wide range of experience and qualifications are heartily welcomed by the University.

  1. King’s College London:-

With a global reputation and a prestigious history, when it comes to the Complete University Guide, the Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s has to be on the radar of all LLB and LLM aspirants.

  1. University of Edinburgh:-

One of the most elite Universities in UK, Edinburgh offers a wide variety of subjects of specializations in the LLB and LLM. A first degree in an appropriate subject, or relevant qualifications and professional experience, is a must for the applicants to get admission in the University of Edinburgh.

  1. University of Bristol:-

Recognized for its centres of excellence and research output, including the Human Rights Implementation Centre, the Bristol Law Clinic, and Bristol Innocence Project, the University provides students with incredible graduate prospects and ample study abroad options. A first or upper second class Honours degree in law and a recognised professional legal qualification, is mandatory for LLM applicants in Bristol.

Most law undergraduates intend to practise law as solicitors or barristers, while graduates are prominent in both branches of the legal vocation, in the judiciary as well as in academic life. Careers in administration, management, politics or finance and employment within the legal departments of the Civil Service, local government, industrial and commercial firms, banks, and international organizations are other sectors where the law students get themselves placed. Law education promises a certain bright future ahead.