Top Law Colleges to Get Study in Abroad- LLB, LLM Colleges

Why to study Law abroad ?

India’s legal education has developed since the last few years but a foreign degree appears to be more appealing. Studying law abroad has become a wish for many students, especially for those who are pursuing LLM as they can complete the course in just one year. Nowadays integrated courses are available in India as well but studying abroad gives students the opportunity to socialize with other students belonging to different countries and share different opinions.


If a student wishes to study law abroad, he/she should examine the list of colleges listed below. Here is the list of top Law Colleges to Get Study in Abroad-

  • Harvard Law School

The Harvard Law School offers three major degree programmes named Juris Doctors (JD), LLM and S.J.D. (Doctor of Juridical Science). It is located in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The tuition fee for JD and LLM programmes at the Harvard Law School is $80,000. (including all expenses).

  • Faculty of Law- Oxford University

Programs offered at the Faculty of Law include BA in Jurisprudence, Bachelor of Civil Law and Magister Juris, Masters in law and finance and MSc in Criminology and criminal justice. Oxford University is located in England. The annual tuition fee ranges from £14,000 to £21,000.

  • Faculty of Law- University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is located in England and has been ranked third among the top law schools in the world by QS World University Rankings. Programmes offered here include the BA Tripos Degree in Law, LLM, Masters Degree in Corporate Law and a PhD (Doctorate in Law). The tuition fee for graduate students is £23,000 and for undergraduate students is £15,000.

  • Yale Law School

The Yale Law School offers 5 degree programs including which includes JD, LLM, JSD, MSL and Ph.D in Law. It is one of the premier Law schools in the US and was ranked fourth in the QS law school ranking. The tuition fee for undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs here is $54,000.

  • New York University (NYU)- Law

The New York University offers JD degree. It also offers dual degrees in collaboration with Harvard, Princeton and many others. The tuition fee for both JD and LLM programme is $30,000.

  • Stanford Law School

The Stanford Law School offers the degree of JD and JSD. Located in the state of California, this school offers undergraduate and graduate degree programmes for $54,000.

  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)- Law department

LSE offers two undergraduate degree programs which include LLB and a double degree programme. Graduate degree programs offered includes Master of Laws, Executive LLM, MSc Law, MSc Law and Accounting and Anthropology and Society. The tuition fee for master’s course is $36,000. The cost per subject here is $4,552. Law faculty is the largest department in LSE.

  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB) law

Programmes offered at the University of California include J.D, LLM and J.S.D. program. It is the first U.S law school to offer M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Jurisprudence and Social Policy. Tuition fee for JD is $80,000 and for LLM it is $50,000. It has been ranked among the top law schools in USA.

  • University of Chicago Law School

Programmes offered at the University of Chicago includes JD, LLM and JSD. It has been ranked 9th among the top ten law schools in the world by QS World University Rankings. The tuition fee is $54,000 including all the expenses.

As Swethaa Ballakrishnen says “Besides the quality and practical approach to law, Universities abroad provide a lot of scope for network building, exposure to an international scene and moot courts which are much more diversified in terms of students and arguments.”  Studying law abroad has become easier as a variety of colleges are now available for offering LLM or LLB.