Top Ranking Universities for Masters Degree in the World 2017

Top Ranking Universities for Masters Degree in 2017- Most students prefer to complete their Master’s degree abroad from top ranking universities in the world. If you are spending a considerable amount of money on your higher education, you are justified in wanting to study in a top ranking university that is recognized by employers and organizations in the world. Every year, various institutions publish a table of top ranking universities in the world. Out of these, the most reputed tables are the ones released by “The World University Rankings”, “Academic Ranking of World Universities” and “QS World University Rankings” for top ranking Universities for Master’s Degree in the World (2017).

Although these rankings are not specific to masters programs, they can definitely guide you in choosing the right university for your master’s education in 2017. Since the QS World University Rankings are the most widely used rankings; we will look at the top 25 universities for MS that feature in this list.

Top Ranking Universities for Masters Degree in 2017:

For easy understanding, let us look at a tabular representation of top ranking universities for masters in 2017.

Top Ranking Universities (QS World University Rankings)
Name of the University World Ranking
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1
Stanford University 2
Harvard University 3
University of Cambridge 4
California Institute of Technology 5
University of Oxford 6
University College London 7
ETH Zurich 8
Imperial College London 9
University of Chicago 10
Princeton University 11
National University of Singapore 12
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) 13
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) 14
Yale University 15
Cornell University 16
Johns Hopkins University 17
University of Pennsylvania 18
The University of Edinburgh 19
Columbia University 20
King’s College London 21
The Australian National University 22
University of Michigan 23
Tsinghua University 24
Duke University 24

Now that we have looked at the top ranking universities for master’s degree in the world as per the QS World University Rankings, let us now look at top master’s programs offered by the top ten universities:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT offers highly reputed and widely recognized master’s degrees in Aeronautics & Astronautics, Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Real Estate, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Comparative Media Studies, Computation for Design and Optimization, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Studies, etc. The duration of master’s programs is one year, whereas the engineering programs require two years of study. MIT offers professional and competitive degrees that are widely acclaimed across the world.
  2. Stanford University: With a world ranking of 2, this university offers highly competitive and reputed master’s programs in Arts, Science, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Engineering, Legal Studies, and Law etc. During the first quarter of their master’s programs, students are required to submit an acceptable program proposal as part of their studies. Failure to submit this proposal may lead to dismissal.
  3. Harvard University: Harvard University offers widely reputed Ed.M. programs which are 1-year intensive programs. These are Arts in Education, Education Policy and Management, Higher Education, Human Development and Psychology, International Education Policy, Language and Literacy, Learning and Teaching, Mind, Brain and Education, etc.
  4. University of Cambridge: Some of the master’s programs offered by this university include Advanced Chemical Engineering, Advanced Computer Science, Advanced Subject Teaching, African Studies, American History, and American Literature etc.
  5. California Institute of Technology: This Institute offers Master of Science and Engineering programs. The requirements for each of these programs vary and it would be advisable to go through the official website for more details.
  6. University of Oxford: The University of Oxford offers Masters of Science (MSc) and Masters of Studies (MSt) programs at the postgraduate level. The MSc degrees are usually offered in science or social science subjects. These programs usually require students to commit to one or two years of part-time study.
  7. University College London: The University College London offers postgraduate programs in Science and Arts. Some of these are MA in Archaeology, Artifact Studies, Cultural Heritage Studies, MSc in Environmental Archaeology, Bioarcheology and Forensic Anthropology, etc.
  8. ETH Zurich: ETH Zurich offers a wide variety of masters programs in architecture and civil engineering, engineering sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, system-oriented natural sciences, management, humanities and social sciences, etc.
  9. Imperial College London: Imperial College London offers multiple programs at the master’s level such as advanced aeronautical engineering, advanced chemical engineering, bioengineering, bioimaging sciences, cancer informatics, and computing (artificial intelligence), etc.
  10. University of Chicago: The University of Chicago offers various reputed programs at the master’s level namely, Analytics, Biomedical Informatics, Chemistry, Cinema and Media Studies, Computational Analysis & Public Policy, and Computer Science, etc.

Students should be able to cater for MS in top Universities during their educational planning after consulting the list. From the top Ranking Universities for Masters Degree list, you can apply in any university. To get Free assistant, feel free to ask in comments or mail us at