Top Student Cities in New Zealand

New Zealand has been known to be one of the most popular destinations for tourists all across the globe. People are hardly aware of the fact that this country is also steadily climbing the ranks among major study destinations in the world.

Top Student Cities in New Zealand

Over 100,000 international students get enrolled in various courses each and every year. New Zealand boasts many cities which attract a wide number of international students due to ease in accessibility and affordable living costs compared to cities in other major study destinations.

Top Student Cities in New Zealand

Some of the lists of top student cities in New Zealand includes the following:

  • Auckland – Auckland has established itself to be a well-known student centre attracting the majority of international students in the country. It is the home to some of the best universities in New Zealand. One of the interesting aspects of Auckland is that it is small in size. The growing transport network is highly appreciating as you can easily explore most of the attractions.

Being one of the prosperous areas of New Zealand, the cost of living in Auckland is a bit high. The accommodation may turn to be the factor that burns the pockets. Rent can be at an average around NZ $8,000.

  • Christchurch – Christchurch is also known to be the Garden City of New Zealand. It is well known for housing a wide number of quality institutes due to numerous adventurous attractions. As per QS, the city has been known to be among top 50 student cities in the world apart from Auckland.

The city is home to famous universities like the Lincoln University and the University of Canterbury. Although relatively being cheaper than Auckland, Christchurch still falls among the top student cities in New Zealand is a bit costly regarding living. International students may cut cost by residing outside the campus along with taking up work during studies.

  • Wellington – The famous capital city of New Zealand is known to offer the best of the political and entertaining landscape to the visitors. Wellington is the first place in New Zealand where English settlers had arrived due to which the place is a delight for explorers who enjoy historic streets and buildings. The place is also a capital to a wide number of branches of many universities like Massey, University of Otago and many more.
  • Hamilton- Located in the Waikato region in the country, Hamilton is one of the popular student cities in New Zealand. Almost 40,000 students from all over the world flock to this city for higher education. The reasons for this popularity are the presence of a good number of shops, cafes, libraries and, of course, the main factor affordability. This city is comparatively cheaper to live for the international students.
  • Dunedin-  This is the city that had created many famous writers, poets, artists and musicians. So from this you can easily understand the quality of life and education you get from the educational institute of Dunedin.
  • Palmerston North This city encourages the students to love sports activities and being amid the nature. Also this is the largest provincial city in New Zealand, rich is superior education institutes.
  • Queenstown- This is the excitement hub for all the adventurous students. Packed with high mountain ranges, lakes and fantastic natural scenarios, these city naturally draws millions of students every year for living.

After getting a brief idea about the country, it will be easier to go for choosing the best.