Top Universities for MBA in Australia

Top Universities for MBA in Australia: We all are aware of the extent to which the economy has globalised. MBA is the most popular academic course for students who wish to work extensively with the corporate sector. Students all over the globe are opting for MBA not because of the mere fact that this has become a trend, but because they are aware of the fact that this course can open up several horizons for them globally. Australia these days has become one of the most popular education hubs for students all over the globe. This is primarily because of the fact that the cost of living is low when it comes to a country like Australia and moreover, the quality of education that is provided by the Australian education system is very high. Students opt to do their MBA in Australia because this country is rapidly expanding in all the aspects which thereby results in more career options that are available for the students.

MBA in Australia

Top Universities for MBA in Australia

Some of the top business schools in Australia are:-

  1. AGSM MBA, University of South wales

  • Australian Graduate School of Management which is located in South Wales provides the students with the finest knowledge about each field in MBA thus students prefer this college because of its elaborate system of making students aware when it comes to the field of MBA.
  • Placed in the tenth position in Asia Pacifics top 10 rankings. One of the top MBA universities in Australia.

2. University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School

  • This business school believes in the fact that students need to learn the scope of MBA in the near future.
  • Provides specific guidelines for students which, make them understand their career options better.
  • Students all over the globe gain valuable skills in management.
  • The number one destination for doing MBA in Australia as this university is recognised globally in the eyes of business recruiters and academics.
  • Asia Pacific ranking-7th
  • Makes students aware of the current economic and financial conditions of the country by publishing various articles.

3. La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University

  • When it comes to providing employment opportunities to students pertaining to the field of MBA this college knows no bounds as it is known to provide numerous employment opportunities.
  • Ranking in Asia Pacific’s top business school- This university has made a huge jump from being in the 32nd position and coming down to 23rd. This has only been made possible because of the amount of efforts that have been put by the University when it comes to providing people with finest bits and pieces of the curriculum.
  • One of the best MBA universities in Australia.

4. Monash Business School, Monash University

  • Comes under the list of top 5 universities for doing MBA in Australia.
  • Hold an AMBA accreditation-now students all over the globe do not need to have three years prior work experience before opting for MBA in Australia. This is an added advantage that this university gives to its students and has beaten even the top MBA universities in the United States.

5. UWA Business School

  • Situated in Perth, that is a western Australia’s capital city.
  • Offering MBA since 1973
  • Full-time as well as part-time options available.

6. Macquarie University

  • Asia Pacific’s ranking-8th
  • Offers MBA in its Hong Kong campus as well.
  • Especially known for encouraging female students.

7. RMIT University

  • Full-Time MBA option available only.
  • Option to study in Vietnam campus.

8. UQ Business School

  • Under top 20-Asia Pacific’s Ranking

9. Australian National University, ANU

  • Primarily known for the research facilities that it offers to students.

10. Sydney Business School

  • This business school is known particularly for the quality of education.
  • MBA options in several fields.
  • Wollongong campus options available too.

MBA in Australia is a career option which each student needs to give a thought about.