Top Universities in Ireland- Reviews and Rankings

A number of Universities in Ireland ranked pretty well at the international level. Ireland as a country has gained more popularity in terms of choosing the best Universities among the students for their higher education. Students selection for the Ireland top universities is greatly influenced by it’s Ireland  historic cities, beautiful countryside and also at the same time culture of this country plays an important role in attracting the destination for students carrier.

Universities in Ireland

In Ireland higher education is consists of  Universities, colleges which offers courses in the specialized subjects and the institute of Technology. If we talk about the institutes of Technology, it does not only contains subjects on technology but also include wide range of vocational programs which includes subjects like hospitality, healthcare, textiles, media, pharmacy, marketing and many more.

There are about seven Ireland public university which are ranked within the world’s top 650 universities ranking.  There are seven private colleges also. The range of students in these universities have a huge gap in terms of numbers starting from Burren College of Arts which has only 200 students to Dublin Business School which has the total of 9,000 students.   

Top ranking Universities in Ireland

  • Trinity college Dublin– this university was established in 1592 and it is one of the oldest education institute in Ireland and is one of the seven ancient universities in UK and Ireland. This university had marked the name of one of the most prestigious university and hold the 78th rank in the world.
  • University College Dublin-  Founded in 1854, This university has evolved from the catholic university of Ireland. Currently it is holding the 154th  ranking in the world with 32,000 students students enrolled in various programs.
  • University College Cork (UCC)– In the Irish higher education institutes, this University ranked 3rd in the country and its overall ranking is 233rd in the world. Currently 20,000 students are enrolled in various programs including 3,000 international students.
  • National University of Ireland, Galway-  Having the Same feet as the UCC, this university has also got 5-star rating and ranked 271st in the world. There are more than 17,000 students are enrolled in various programs which is situated in the city of Galway.
  • Dublin City University– Compared to all the above universities, this university is much younger than the others which was established in 1975 but got the university status in 1989. Currently it’s ranking is 353 in the world with 12,000 students enrolled in different programs.

List of Top 10 Universities in Ireland

  1. Dublin Business School
  2. Dublin Institute of Technology
  3. Maynooth University
  4. Shannon College of Hotel Management
  5. IBAT College of Dublin
  6. Trinity college Dublin
  7. University College Dublin
  8. University College Cork
  9. National University of Ireland
  10. Dublin City University

Universities in Ireland reviews

Top Universities in Ireland had gained a lot of popularity in terms of students favourite destination for higher education. Even the reviews collected from the top universities in Ireland on regular basis has proved that Irish universities are best for considering for higher education. Every year students graduating from these  top universities in Ireland are well placed in prestigious organization.Even in terms of faculty and staffs, universities in Ireland are way ahead than any other universities in the world.