Top Universities in USA and Europe- Part C

21.University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, U.K.

      One of the oldest universities of U.K., University of Edinburgh is well reputed not just in U.K., but at the international platform. So much so that it is the only university in Scotland to have the largest proportion of international students. The University strives hard to provide for supreme quality of learning and teaching environment. As a result, the students that graduate from here are well equipped to achieve high personal and professional standards. Scholarly instructions of the faculty polish the students for the cut-throat competition of the real world. The ultimate aim of the University is to produce global citizens, who are socially responsible and work to contribute towards their society, promoting health, economic and cultural well-being.

  1.     22.Northwestern University

Evanston, U.S.A.

       With a diverse academic community, Northwestern University is committed towards personal and intellectual growth of its students, and by extension, of the future leaders of the nation. The University contributes to the global society as well as the local community. The University takes pride in its diversity and works to make it richer. Students coming from different nations and backgrounds find themselves surrounded with a world class community of academics, politics, research and innovation. One of the most interesting aspects of the education system here is that, besides the established courses, students are given the opportunity to design unconventional courses as per their interests. Now that is literally letting the imagination run wild!

  1.     23.Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS)

Paris, France

       A selective, bold and distinct research and teaching institute, ENS carries with itself the essence and history of the great French Revolution. It goes without saying that a University that upholds the spirit of the most important revolution in the history of free man, provides for a unique platform for original research. ENS is a university with one of the most select procedures for admittance. It stands for honor and dignity of enlightenment and it looks for minds that have the potential to add novel perspectives to the field of knowledge.

  1.     24.University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wisconsin, U.S.A.

       UW-Madison is among the most respected research and teaching institutes in the nation. With world class faculty and administration, there are only few other institutions that are leaders in teaching, research and public service. Its prestige and achievement is highly reputed in the country. The University offers a well balanced and complete spectrum of liberal art studies, professional programs and student activities. Besides its erudition and elite standards, one of the most attractive features of the university is the city it is situated in. Madison has been ranked at the top among the best places to live in the States. Infused with culture, art, diversity and home to an intellectually active crowd, UW- Madison is the place for creators.

  1.     25.London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

London, England

       Located in the international capital and competing with some of the most competitive universities at the global rank, LSE is one of the pioneering social sciences universities in the world. It is a specialist university that covers the entire span of the social sciences field; from sociology and anthropology to economics, law and politics. With an international intake and a global reach, the University has an exceptional reputation for academic excellence. The motive of the university is to “understand the causes of things”. The LSE community, students and faculty alike, are committed to improve the society with focus on excellence, inclusivity and achievement.

  1.     26.Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

        If you enjoy building or creating things, with your hands or your mind, then wait no more and head straight for CMU. Known for its genius in the domain of science and technology, the University is a global leader in introducing novel, trend-breaking ideas and machines. CMU believes that an integrated interdisciplinary method of education is necessary for comprehensive knowledge and productive ideas. Students are encouraged to study beyond a single discipline. Education is not typically theory and bookish at CMU. Rather it is experimentations and challenges, creation of new technologies and invention of novel ideas. Every day is more exciting than the previous one.

  1.     27.New York University (NYU)

New York City, U.S.A.

       One of the largest and fastest growing universities of the nation, NYU is thrilling, adventurous and right in the middle of ‘where it all happens’. The University was conceived in an era when only the upper class had the privilege of high education. In such times, NYU was established as a revolution to such norms and it opened its gates to all, irrespective of background, nation and identity. 170 years down the line, the University upholds these ideals, even though it has come millions of miles away from its first brick. It is a privilege and a wonderful opportunity to be a part of NYU.

  1.     28.Boston University (BU)

Massachusetts, U.S.A.

      As soon as one realizes that this was the first university of the nation to open all the divisions for women’s education, Boston University wins all the points. The fact that the makers of the University were among the first to do something about gender equality, reflects clearly the spirit that was set while establishing it. An international, comprehensive research university, BU is dedicated to providing education that would make the students reflective and resourceful individuals, ready to adapt and take-on an interconnected world. If you want big you have to dream big! Boston University dreams huge! It strives to take research, scholarship, creativity and innovation to the service of the wider community, local and international.

  1.     29.Washington University in St. Louis

Missouri, U.S.A.

       “Discover and disseminate knowledge, and protect the freedom of inquiry through research, teaching and learning”. This is the mission of the Washington University in St. Louis, which clearly reflects the passion behind creation and innovation. The environment of the University encourages a culture of explorations and discoveries. The University is known for its remarkably flexible curriculum, which allows the students to explore their interests, and inspires them to discover new ones. Students and their interests are given exclusive attention here. This helps them grow into strong confident individuals and prepares them to walk into the world knowing that they have the power to bring about a meaningful change. It is in this intimate manner that BU contributes to the global society. To be a part of such an institution would be an experience like none other.

  1. 30.Karolinska Institutet (KI)

Stockholm, Sweden

       One of the world’s leading medical universities, KI is dedicated to improve the global health crises via research and education. This noble University alone has claim over at least 40 per cent of Sweden’s medical academic research. KI takes immense pride in providing the broadest range of education in medical and health sciences. The University serves as a single roof under which high quality of research and education can be accessed by scores of students from across the globe. The faculty members are usually engaged with research along with their teaching. Therefore the students get to be a part of first hand experiments and latest advancements in medicine and treatments. Ambitious students and teachers, together, with a singular strong motive, create a stimulating environment to work for a hopeful tomorrow.

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