Top Universities in USA and Europe- Part E

Here is the list of top Universities in USA and Europe-

41.      Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg

Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

       Heidelberg University is a community of learners and teachers that inspire and promote intellectuality and professional development, promising a life of distinction and success. The University, with all its resources, encourages original research and welcomes inquiry. It trains the students to find the right balance between their cultural heritage and the contemporary world. The students are taught to challenge the existing frontiers of knowledge and to develop powers of mind and spirit. The University is also inclined towards the cultural development of the society. And so the Heidelberg community is known to respect and welcome the diversity of cultures, religions and faiths. Through community service and academic achievements, Heidelberg University strives to develop individuals with high morals and strong ambitions.

42.      Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Delft, Netherlands

        A modern university with rich traditions, TU Delft is known for its contributions to the advancement of science, in the interest of society. One of the top technology universities in the world, the major contributors to the success of TU Delft is its outstanding facilities and research institutes. The University maintains national and international links with industries which, in turn, benefits the academic programs and opens easy access for integrated research and teaching. The academic environment of the University encourages creativity and independent thinking, with a focus on problem solving. TU Delft offers excellent global experience and prepares its students for a fast moving and complex world. It is an honor to be a part of such an institute.

43.      Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Rotterdam, Netherlands

       Erasmus University Rotterdam is an international knowledge workshop for critical thinking and academic training. The major domains of the University are economics and management, medical and health, & law, culture and society. EUR is the center for groundbreaking and challenging research. The University is backed by its strong links with the business world, which benefits its student body. The mission of EUR is to be a strong and forceful university that offers excellent academic education for all walks of life. One of the most remarkable things about EUR is that everyone who is a part of its community is engaged in creating knowledge, irrespective of the field. While the teachers participate in research along with their teaching, the students too are encouraged to be a part of on-going researches. And the knowledge created is implemented, first in the University and its region, and then at the international level via conferences and other links. EUR is a place for enterprising talent.

44.      University of Bristol

Bristol, U.K.

       Ranked among some of the most internationally renowned universities, University of Bristol is home to outstanding research and teaching. Once upon a time, it was the first University of the country to admit both men and women on equal footing. Since then the reputation of the University has grown steadily. Today it is known for its excellent academic quality. The University owes most of its success to its inspired faculty, who work hard to keep the students motivated and active, and producing distinguished researches. The University offers some of the widest range of courses. And these are a success owing to the high achievements of the students. Thus University of Bristol is one of the most sought after universities and a center that inspires the education at the international level.

45.      Humboldt University of Berlin

Berlin, Germany

       Founded in the beginning of the 19th century with the title of “mother of all universities”, Humboldt University envisioned a “Universitas litterarum” (University of letters), which achieved a unity of teaching and research. The University provides for an all round humanist education. This University has been the inspiration for many universities that were established in the 20th century. The University was among the pioneering institutions to uphold the ideal of research without restriction and to provide a comprehensive education to all, hence turning a vision into reality. The rise of the University is backed by the belief that the pursuit of knowledge engages all human faculties, and hence contributes to the humanization of society.

46.      University of Southern California (USC)

California, U.S.A.

       Located in Los Angeles, an international center for arts, technology and business, USC provides for extensive opportunities for interdisciplinary study and collaboration with leading researches in highly dynamic and challenging learning environments. The University fosters a vibrant culture of public service and pushes its students beyond academic as well as geographic boundaries in pursuit of knowledge. The University has come to be one of the world’s leading private research universities by keeping up the strong tradition of integrating liberal and professional education, thereby preparing the students for all spectrums of human endeavor.

47.      University of Basel

Basel, Switzerland

       Infused with the rich history and tradition accumulated over a period of nearly 500 years, the University of Basel is one of the oldest universities in Switzerland. Attracting students from all over the world, the University has accommodated, comfortably, the modern changes in the domain of education, research and technology. The key to the University’s success is that it does not compromise with the traditional standards of its teaching and learning system. So University of Basel is a platform where traditions meet innovations, and add to the growing appeal of the University. Life in this campus provides an exclusive culture of never ending learning, wherein everyone, including the faculty, is in a continuous state of achieving more and new knowledge.

48.      Freie Universitat (Free University) of Berlin

Berlin, Germany

       One of the most prominent and largest universities in Germany, this University stands out in its modern outlook towards education and research. It is an international networking university. The University is absolutely focused on research and strives hard to maintain high standards while competing with universities at the global level. While there are centers in the University that work on the planning of researches, there are departments that engage in the next generation academic talent. The University runs various global academic and scientific cooperative projects in alliance with other research universities. This strategy helps in funding and makes way for innovative support for new and challenging ideas.

49.      Durham University

Durham, U.K.

       One of the most resourceful universities in North East England, Durham University gives a world class experience of education and research. The students have the privilege of being taught by world leading experts, in award winning facilities, with a wide collection of numerous learning resources. Durham continues its teaching beyond the classroom walls. The University provides for supportive scholarly communities that offer opportunities to be a part of something that one is passionate about and to improve innate talent and skills. With no compromise with its high standards, the University is committed to excellence in all academic endeavors. It takes pride in the fact that the research and scholarship produced in this University, affects every continent. In a nutshell, Durham University is an international intellectual community that reflects the ambitions and potentials of various cultures from across the globe.

50.  Queen Mary University of London

London, U.K.

       Queen Mary University of London offers a wide range of research opportunities in different subjects ranging from humanities and social sciences to medicine and law. One of UK’s leading research-oriented higher education institutes, this University promises the highest quality of research. To fulfill the promise, the University hunts for world class academicians and researches to teach and guide its students. Students, who choose to become a part of the University, are welcomed into a stimulating and supportive learning environment. The University invests, without hesitation, for the betterment of student resources, and their future.

       In times like ours, wherein we live in a global village, it is necessary, rather than important, to become a global citizen. All the universities listed here, will mold you into one. So decide your course of interest and without further delay; screen, choose and get started!

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