UK for study September 2020 Or January 2021?

By Meet University

One of the many burning questions for international students planning to head back to the UK for study or starting studies this year is whether from September or January intake in the UK will work. Everything in life has its advantages, disadvantages and so does the applying dates this year because of COVID-19. It’s still early days as the UK for study government continues to monitor the developing COVID-19 situation, but a few universities have already announced their plans for the September intake. The global spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) is already having a massive impact on universities and business schools around the world. So, it’s important to keep a check on a student’s immune system and make the decision accordingly. September 2020 Entry at the UK for study Universities has announced that there will be no changes to the start of the academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, encourage all students to proceed as normal with their applications is what said by the government of the UK. The September intake for 2020 will likely be pushed back while universities adapt to the new learning environment. Staff is now preparing for the next session by planning for online provision, which will be available to students who cannot travel to campus, or which will replace face-to-face teaching in the event of continued restrictions in September 2020.
A January 2021 start would “unfairly handicap disadvantaged students, who find the transition hard enough as it is, and that keeping to a September or October 2020 start at the latest, October is the only sensible option, and everything should be done to encourage home and international students to understand that. Since it looks like the September intake may go on as planned — with a few weeks delay at the most — it will probably start with online learning followed by a possible transition to face-to-face learning when lockdowns have fully eased. As social distancing measures will likely still be in place by September, students can expect universities to continue with online learning.
One should apply for the UK student visa at least three months before the January intake starts. Both the Visa and Loan process will take time, and are one of the most important processes. Generally, the deadlines for Fall intake are between January and April, and deadlines for Winter intake are between June and September. It takes about 8 to 12 weeks for an application to be processed in Universities and colleges require about 2 to 4 weeks to process an application. It’s sometimes possible to start a short foundation or first year in January, and then pick up the standard degree course the following Autumn. … January starts are more often available for postgraduate

UK for study
UK for study

. If a university does offer January entry, it will usually only be for certain subjects. Many students wish to start their study in January but misjudge the January session as being short with lesser modules, however, this is untrue. … January intake at the UK for study universities provides several benefits regardless of certain courses that aren’t offered due to low demand.
Students who start on 4 January will be invited to attend induction webinars before arrival in the UK for study, as well as participate in the Welcome week activities between 18 – 24 January.