US Universities for MS in Civil Engineering | Masters from USA

Looking for Admission in US Universities for MS in Civil Engineering or US Colleges for MS in Civil Engineering? Check here Top Colleges for Masters from USA in Civil Engineering.

A master’s degree in civil engineering requires practical training. These engineers design the production of buildings, roads, dams and bridges. Along with this, civil-engineers have to oversee the production of airports, bridges and sewage systems. A civil-engineering degree is essential if the engineer wants to act as a team leader or an administrator. Now, let us take a look at some of the top universities located in USA that offers MS in civil engineering, USA.

US Universities for MS in Civil Engineering

US Universities for MS in Civil Engineering

Here is the list of Top US Universities for MS in Civil Engineering-

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – This Institute is grounded in science and engineering. With its research and educational programs, MIT serves as the best institute for masters’ in civil engineering.
  • Carnegie Mellon University – Carnegie Mellon ranks 11th in the 2017 U.S. News & World Report Graduate School Rankings for civil engineering graduate degree.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology – Georgia Institute of Technology offers valuable work experience through graduate assistantships in CEE, the Georgia Tech Cooperative Education Program and the Georgia Tech Research Institute.
  •  Purdue University, West Lafayette – Master’s degree at the Purdue University is quite flexible and students work with faculty members to accomplish their professional goals. There are more than 300 students working with the faculty members for pursuing their goals.
  •  Stanford University – Stanford University works with the mission of providing advance education and research in engineering. Technologies from materials science, physics, biology, mathematics and social sciences are used for managing buildings and cities.
  •  University of California, Berkeley – University of California’s civil engineering program ranks iind in the US News & World Report’s ranking for 2016-17. There are fifty full-time faculty members and twenty-two staff members dedicated to the education of their institute’s students.
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign – The University of Illinois ranks among top civil and environmental engineering programs in the entire nation. The faculty present here is leads in research, teaching and innovation.
  •  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – The University of Michigan offers graduate civil engineering program which ranks number 8 in the entire nation. Students are involved in ground-breaking projects and building bridges.
  •  University of Texas, Austin, Cockrell – The faculty at Cockrell teaches its students the solution to complex problems of cities, water and energy. They want to teach their students some innovative solutions for eradicating these problems.
  • Virginia Tech – Civil engineering department at Virginia Tech is one of the most highly regarded civil engineering department that continues to provide innovative research and quality education.

These are the top engineering colleges in USA for MS in civil engineering. Students can specialize in structural engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, and water resources under MS in civil engineering. For admission into US Colleges for MS in Civil Engineering, one should score well in academics. Along with academics, students have to score well in the GRE and TOEFL examination.

US Universities for MS in Civil Engineering are spread all across the nation. But, a student has to appear for the GRE examination and pass with a required score if he/she wants to take admission in top colleges in MS in Civil Engineering. US Universities for Masters in Civil Engineering or US Universities for MS in Civil Engineering have been listed rank wise.