USA vs UK University Degree for Higher Education

USA vs UK University Degree- Out of school and ready for a new journey, the most important decision at hand is that of higher education. This decision is of vital importance for it decides the entire future course of a person. In recent years, the number of students going abroad to pursue higher education has increased. The most popular countries chosen for further studies are U.S.A. and U.K. There are always debates between USA vs UK university degree for higher education. These countries offer unique cultural mix and intellectual environments that cater to students across the globe. According to the world university rankings, compiled by Times Higher Education, the top 200 universities in the world are located either in U.S.A. or U.K.

USA vs UK University Degree for Higher Education:-

Both these countries have strong historical foundations in the domain of education. From the early centuries, when the realm of education was being introduced, both these countries have been important platforms for innovation, research, progress and establishing new degrees of higher education. Both the countries offer numerous scholarships and student transfer programs, making their education accessible to students living at the other end of the world. However, there are various differences between the degree of higher education offered by both the countries. While the education system is comparatively smaller in U.K., it hosts more international students than the States. While U.K. is more about historical and cultural awareness, U.S.A. focuses on political awareness. In this USA vs UK universities tug of war, one needs to realize which degree of higher education will suit them better. The difference between USA and UK higher education is reflected in the personalities of their students.

USA Vs UK University Degree
USA Vs UK University Degree

So where do you belong? Should you pursue ‘honours’ or ‘honors’? A comparative discussion between some of the primary differences between USA and UK higher education will be helpful in deciding your future destination.

Tuition Fee:

In general, U.K. is cheaper than U.S.A. in terms of tuition fee. The government has a set limit up to which universities can raise their fee in U.K. There is no such limitation in the U.S.A. In this regard, the pull of the USA vs UK University degree is inclined towards U.K.


The duration of the courses in U.S.A. is usually longer than in U.K. Degree programs in the States usually take a year more than in U.K., making it a total of four years. This is because the course programs are generally more elaborate and broad. The students are required to finish various courses outside their major. However, this difference covers up when it comes to Masters degree. While it is a trend in the U.K. to complete a Master degree before pursuing research or a PhD, this is not a requirement in U.S.A.

USA Vs UK University Degree
USA Vs UK University Degree

Depth vs Breadth:

In terms of education, this is the most vital difference between USA and UK higher education. The U.S.A. education system is like an umbrella. It believes in training the students in various skills and educating them in numerous subjects. The students have the time and space to try their hand at new things and explore before choosing a major. U.K., on the other hand, is more strict in this aspect. Students are expected to know their field of interest before even applying to the colleges/universities. While, in the States, the students are not required to choose a major till they reach the final years of their course, the British students remain focused on their major right from the beginning. This difference is also seen in their methods of assessment. The U.S. students are marked on weekly or bi-weekly submitted assignments on the different courses which are a part of their program. The final paper adds and makes up for the final grading. In U.K., students have very focused and limited assignments on which they are assessed. This matter is not simply about a USA vs UK university degree. One needs to be sure of the kind of education system they need to be a part of in order to realize their dreams.


Although students are expected to apply to individual universities, standardized entrance tests are undertaken by those who apply in the U.S. There are many such tests but SAT is most prevalent. The scores of these tests play a vital role in the students admissions. Other than these scores, universities also look for special achievements (in any field varying from subjects to sports), high school GPA, personal interests and activities. In short, U.S. universities examine the overall personality of their candidates. U.K. admissions, on other hand, are centralized. Students are required to fill out a single application which is then distributed to selected universities by a central agency called UCAS. Unlike the States admission system, students in Britain apply for specific degree courses. The basis of their admission is mostly academic credentials.

Cultural Surroundings:

The cultural surroundings of a city, its people, and its lifestyle are important factors to consider before deciding a destination for higher education. The British are known for their dry sarcasm and witty sense of humour, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. A very strong international students community prevails in the U.K., of which the majority is South Asian. Cultural events, monuments, Welsh and Scottish cultures are among the few things that one should definitely explore. In U.S, every person you meet is a friend. People are more casual and open-minded. The country is big and lays emphasis on ‘big’ – big dreams, big burgers, big parties! The country not only raises your bars of ambitions but also gives you the resources to achieve them.

USA Vs UK University Degree
USA Vs UK University Degree

Both U.K. and U.S.A. are culturally diverse, progressive and intellectually inspired. And yet they both offer unique qualities of higher education. Just as it is difficult to choose between a burger and a wrap, it is difficult to pick one when it is USA vs UK university degree of higher education. But a few ‘differences’ make all the ‘difference’!

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