Everything that you Need to Know about Victoria, Australia before You Hit the State

Victoria is the smallest mainland state of Australia where tourists and students alike enjoy the natural beauty, rich heritage, cosmopolitan flavors and diversity of experiences on offer. Victoria, Australia is the marvellously multicultural, food-obsessed city and a perfect showpiece for Australian culture. Away from limits of city, Victoria, Australia offers you with stirring wilderness, soulful history and culinary excellence. It is globally acclaimed that Victorians are flawed for their wilderness and for the world’s most panoramic coastlines of Southwest, The Great Ocean Road. Besides, the small towns in Victoria are spotted with some of the architectural wonders which are serving as luxury hotels, theatre bursting with talent and vibrant state-of-the-art galleries.

Victoria, Australia

Victoria, Australia:

Victorians love its food and culinary and there is growing passion for street food amongst the Victorians as well as amongst the tourists and students study at Victorian University. People from more than hundred nations call Victoria, Australia their home. Every Victorian has a linkage to another culture in some or the other way and this is well displayed by the adoption of diverse cultures, foods and traditions throughout Victoria, Australia.

The environment and landscape varies significantly from semi arid land to alpine snow fields to white sandy beaches and lush greenery. The state comprises of a series of water system and river systems that support the communities and agriculture. Educational wise, Victoria, Australia is globally ranked higher and it comprises the leading institutions in Australia. Victoria University registers over 47,000 enrollments every year and known globally for its academic excellence. At global level, Victoria, Australia has managed to maintain a good reputation because it attracts more than 15000 students every year from different parts of the world. Besides, education and learning Victoria, Australia has many things to offer you as a student.

Accommodation & Housing

From caravan parks to backpacker hostels, motels to B&Bs, apartments, rental properties, boutique hotels, luxury city hotels to budget hotels and on-campus accommodation facility, there are a variety of accommodation facilities available for the student migrating to Victoria, Australia for higher education at Victoria University. Urbanest is the largest provider of student accommodation in Melbourne that specializes in providing accommodation facilities to students studying in Victoria. The accommodation offered meets the specific demands and needs of the students.

Victoria, Australia

From temporary accommodation to rental accommodation, living with family and student accommodation, the city of Victoria, Australia offer superior quality, secure student accommodation facility in a range of settings. Students can either opt for residing in leafy garden suburbs or they may decide to live in cosmopolitan inner city residences, depending upon their specific needs and budget.

Private rental accommodation is also available within the state of Victoria which is merely 30 minutes drive away from the campus of Victoria University. There are also on-campus accommodation facilities available for students coming from foreign countries to study in Victoria, Australia. Students are required to sign a bond and make security deposits to avail accommodation within the campus of university. The rates may vary depending upon the housing services and facilities opted for by the students.

Food and Grocery Shopping

Students can save a lot of money on groceries and other essential items by shopping at the supermarkets. The Footscray Market is the cheapest place is Victoria, Australia from where all the groceries for week and other essentials can be purchased at an affordable rate. It is located across the road from Footscray Station and it is easily accessible from all parts of Melbourne.

Students can also purchase their weekly groceries from Victoria Market which is the largest undercover and outdoor supermarket and located in close proximity to City Queen Campuses and City King Campus. Both these markets specialize in a variety of fresh foods. But, Victoria Market is known to have the widest range of clothing and other goods which are largely sold on weekends. There are also take-away shops and stores available along with grocery shops and specialty vegetarian diners from where students can order their monthly and weekly groceries.


Victorians know it very well how to enjoy and have fun. You can pick any night of the week and have fun filled nights with a wide range of entertainment options on offer, from comedy to live music, films and international sporting events. The time to catch one of the many events and festivals happens round the year. The annual comedy, film and art festivals conducted every year are the best way to see the international and local acts in one place. Globally acclaimed for evergreen music scene, Victoria, Australia is the place where you can catch the latest acts making a splash. You can put on your shoes and enjoy dancing on one of the dance clubs. There are many such clubs across Victoria, Australia where you will find music of your interest.

Victoria, Australia

On summer months, you can go out for a summer holiday or prefer watching movies with friends. You can chill out with your friends at one of the outdoor cinema session on gardens and rooftops. You may also see the art-house flicks and blockbusters at the mainstream and local independent cinemas. From markets to music and festivals to exhibitions, there are many entertainment options for people of all ages in Victoria, Australia. Many are with low cost entry, while some of them are totally free. With all such entertainment options on offer, Victoria, Australia is truly the most vivid and livable city of Australia today.

Travel & Transportation

The travelling and transportation in Victoria, Australia is cheap and the options available are trams, trains, buses and ferries. You can access the varied transport services depending upon the location you live in. Private and public car services are also available on rental. Some of the universities also have their own in-house transport system which is useful option for students when they have to leave the campus late at night and live in hard-to-reach areas.

Victoria, Australia transportation

The cost of travel and transportation in Victoria, Australia vary depending upon the area where you live in and the type of transportation you are using. Students must check at the territory and state government website to know the full range of services available, timetables and cost associated in travel and transportation. International students are eligible for iUSEpass which is an international undergraduate student education pass that allow the students to save money on public transport in Victoria, Australia during their educational years. It can reduce the transportation cost up to 50% for the students which are the viable option for them if they travel frequently within the state.

Cost of Living

It is always a viable move to plan and prepare you budget before moving into Victoria, Australia for higher education. The study fees and tuition fees don’t include other personal costs like food and groceries, accommodation and other costs that you would need while studying in Victoria, Australia. As a student you would have ongoing expenses during your time in Victoria, Australia. So, knowing the average living cost is very crucial when it comes to prepare to study in Victoria, Australia. According to Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the average living cost in Victoria, Australia throughout educational years range from AU$20,000 to AU$25,000 per year.

This estimate is on top of your tuition and study fees and includes the cost of text books, foods and groceries, accommodation and other things that you would required during your educational years.

Student money services are available within the campus of university that can offer helpful information to students in managing their living cost and finances. They can help them find the suitable facility for accommodation and buying foods and groceries to save money.

Job Opportunities

Besides research positions and teaching positions, Victoria University also recruit professionals such business managers, administrators, IT specialists, accounting and human resource professionals, finance and project officers and other specialist roles that are advertized regularly for eligible students pursuing higher education in Victoria, Australia. So, students who intend to work in Victoria, Australia after completing their graduations can grab the job of their interest as many job opportunities and on-campus placements are offered to the eligible students.

The universities in Victoria, Australia offer students employment resources and job seeking support through their virtual tools and job listings. There are also ongoing series of workshops and programs and events where students can find suitable job opportunities after completing their studies in Victoria, Australia.

Students can grab the opportunity of work placement with some of the leading and reputed organizations in the world after completing their graduation. They can also grab the study aboard option and develop language skills which are in demand amongst the employers today and this also increases their employability after completing their graduation at Victoria University.

Career Services are also available for students that have connection with some of the leading employers in the world. This service improves your chance of employability after graduation by offering you the required support in different ways.

Part Time Work

If your visa permits, you can get suitable part-time jobs and other causal jobs in Victoria, Australia. This way you can finance your studies in Victoria, Australia and gain job seeking skills to boost your employability after successfully completing your graduation. International students are allowed to work for certain number of hours in a week during their educational years. Students that are fluent in English can easily find suitable part-time jobs in Victoria, Australia because English is spoken in almost all work environments. Students working as part timer in hospitality and service industry usually earn AU$14 to AU$21 per hour.

Working while studying in Victoria, Australia is the great way to explore the Australian culture, meet new people and broaden your international experience and of course supporting yourself financially. The part jobs in Victoria, Australia allow you to earn sufficient income to cover both your tuition fees and living expenses. Before working as part timer you need to obtain your Tax File Number from Australian Taxation Office and start your hunt for a suitable part time job while studying in Victoria, Australia.


Everywhere you will look there is something special for you to see and explore in Victoria, Australia, ranging from snow capped mountains to sandy beaches, historic sites, zoos and aquariums, white water rafting to cafes, wineries, wildlife, spas and drives along the Victoria’s groundbreaking coastline. There are a lot to explore and see in Victoria, Australia. You can explore the breathtaking scenery and other natural environments on your outdoor adventure activity or simply go catch the skies high with hot air balloon or go out on hiking on the mountain which is the best way to see Victoria, Australia in the open air.

Students can also go on a short drive from the city and picnic at a spot with friends and enjoy adventurous activities like waterskiing on Victoria’s widest lake system or strap on the helmet and climb the Grampian’s famous rock faces. You holiday won’t get complete without taking time out for relaxation. The leisure activities in Victoria, Australia ensure that you see plenty and do more to stay young at heart.

Indian Communities

There are Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria and The Australian India Society of Victoria that are established by the migrants of long standing and repute and the goal of these organizations is to serve the umbrella origination for all Indian Communities and bring together all the individual organization as a unified body to strength the Indian Communities in Victoria, Australia and improve the services students and people migrating from India to Australia. All the Hindu festivals celebrated in India are well organized and conducted by the association every year for the Indian communities residing in Victoria, Australia.


Late night dives, early openers, gastro pubs, sports pubs and pubs with beet gardens and live music, whether you want to get indulge into heart meal, watch the night game or catch a band or settle in for a Sunday sessions, Victoria, Australia is spotted with many pubs to satisfy your unique demands and needs.