Warwick vs UCL MBA: Which Business School is Best for MBA?

To all management aspirants, getting a chance to bag an MBA from University of Warwick, is a dream come true. The same goes for those pursuing a University College London MBA. But for those who get a call from both these prestigious institutions and can’t decide which one to attend, let’s throw some light on the Warwick vs UCL tussle.

Warwick vs UCL: Which is better?

warwick vs ucl mba

Here are some points to consider.


Like most European management programs, the Warwick MBA is an intensive full-time program. The campus is located at Coventry, about a couple of hours from London. The program starts in September and students graduate in August. Students can extend the program to 15 months by joining an international exchange program with a large number of business schools all over the world, including Indiana University and University of Chicago.

The UCL MBA is a prestigious degree for all management aspirants. It’s one of the top business schools in UK, offering executive, graduate, and undergraduate programs in management, entrepreneurship, business information management, and business analytics and management science. The UCL management program incorporate learning activities and industrial experience that helps administrative skills. So the Warwick vs UCL debate is almost evenly poised here.


The Warwick MBA begins with a foundation of seven key modules that impart business basics, including financial and accounting management, organizational behavior, and strategic advantage. It also includes strategic advantage study. There are six electives from 39 different courses ranging from supply chain management to advanced corporate finance.

The UCL MBA in UK comprises 50 teaching faculty and 25 research faculty. The course comprises of entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, strategy, operations, innovation and other major modules. If you want to pursue MBA in London, then UCL should be your preferred destination. It’s one of the top ranked institutes. Regarding the program, it holds a slight edge in the Warwick vs UCL battle.


According to The Economist, 10 industry sectors recruited Warwick management graduates. About 82% of the students received a job offer within three months of graduation, while the increase on pre-MBA salary is about 74%.

As far as UCL is considered, the recruitment program was attended by 11 industry sectors in the 2015-16 academic year. More than 78% of the graduates were offered jobs inside three months of completing their program. The increase in the pre-MBA salary for the students was 71%. Here too the Warwick vs UCL debate is evenly balanced.

Student composition

The University of Warwick, with its 290 hectare campus, attracts students from all across the Globe. Students come from more than 140 countries. And this lends the institute its international feel. It has earned its name as a research university. Its MBA section is the largest among all departments in the university.

UCL is located at the heart of central London. Students can access the world-renowned London culture and nightlife. The university has research and teaching links with several other institutes. International students comprise more than half of the student population, representing at least 150 countries. It gives UCL a cosmopolitan atmosphere. There’s no clear winner between in the Warwick vs UCL debate here.