What are the Costs of Studying in the UK

By Meet University

Studying in the UK
Studying in the UK

A Master of Business Administration is among the most sought-after degrees for business professionals. The MBA is internationally recognized all over the world, enhancing your capabilities while developing the flair necessary for managing and motivating people, but, economically, it can be an expensive exercise. There are a wide variety of small and private colleges, especially around London, which offer low-cost MBA programs for international students. Many of these colleges have university-affiliated MBA degree programs and offer a cheaper alternative for international students, with tuition fees starting at around 6,57,923.59 INR. One-year MBA degrees can cost 9,40,185.95-14,09,858.58 INR on average, with MBA programs at top business schools such as Oxford and Cambridge potentially costing up to 3,417,640.04. There are however several universities and business schools offering high-quality degrees at a much lower cost. An MBA Studying in the UK doesn’t require any prior work experience and is affordable. Students can work up to 20 hours during their studies to support themselves in the UK. Also, Intensive courses allowing completion in 12 to 18 months and provides access to careers in management at a senior level. There are several colleges which offer low cost MBA like: Greenwich School of Management(Duration: 12 months, Tuition Fees: 9,39,470.14 INR); London School of Commerce(Duration:12 months, Tuition Fees: 6,52,745.05 INR); Newcastle College(Duration: 18 months, Tuition Fees: 8,43,230.60 INR).

As of 2016/17, over 120,000 international students were attending a Business and Administrative course in Studying in the UK universities, more than in any other subject. In percentage terms, foreign MBA students weighted for a portion of 27% of all international students in the UK. These numbers come as an additional indication of the well-known fact that Studying in the UK universities are global leaders for MBA studies. Some of the greatest minds that the business world has ever seen hold a degree in UK business schools. That given, it is not hard to choose the UK over other options to get your MBA degree. But, the decision is the easiest part of the process of achieving your dream. You will also need to know what to expect in financial terms. In addition to offering outstanding education and being prestigious universities, MBA degree courses in Studying in the UK cost a lot. There are tuition fees and other living expenses you need to cover and most of the time you’ll be left alone to deal with them. If you know what the future in the UK is hiding, you can make some practical plans which will help you to get through it with ease. It is almost a common rule for all UK universities and courses that the higher the popularity and recognition the higher its cost. Being among the most popular courses in the UK for international students, MBA degree courses are some of the most expensive at the same time alongside medical degrees and natural sciences. Expecting what an MBA degree in Studying in the UK can cost you is very important because it can help you adjust your budgetary assets and your academic goals with available options. The total cost of getting an MBA degree in the UK can be divided into two major categories: university fees and living costs. University fees are the primary and the biggest financial concerns foreign MBA students in the UK have. Business schools are independent to set up their fee policies for international students and you can expect to encounter different international fees for MBA courses in the UK. Fees for an MBA degree in the UK change depending on the University of ur choice, the type of your course, and your nationality. Non-EU students are entitled to higher fees compared to home and EU students who are charged with fees capping at 8,70,442.85 Indian Rupee.
Metropolitan areas are more expensive to live in than in rural or peripheral areas. That said London is by no doubt the most expensive city to live in as an international student. But, with proper management of your funds, living costs in the UK for you as an international student are quite affordable. To be able to reduce the total cost of living while Studying in the UK we suggest you make some adjustments to your actual lifestyle.