What are the documents required for an Australian student visa?

Firstly, is the Australian student visa (Subclass 500), the visa you need? If you aren’t sure, head over to the visa finder of the Department of Home Affairs.
To find out how to apply for this visa, and how much it will cost you, head over to our post on ‘How do you get an Australian student visa?’.(Although maybe this is too far ahead..Are you thinking, “why should I study in Australia?”..Well, read this.)
For everyone else, here’s a list of the documents you need, for making an application for the Australian student visa:
A Confirmation of Enrollment or the offer letter that you receive from the university when they have selected you. This must have your projected level of entry, the fees for the course, the start and end date that’s been planned. Although, you do not need to submit this, if you are sponsored by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, or the Australian Department of Defense. Even if you are a secondary exchange student or a post graduate research student who needs to remain in Australia for your thesis to be marked, you won’t be required to provide your CoE. (In these cases, you would need to show your letter of support or the letter from the education provider.)
Your identity proofs. This includes copies of your passport as well your driving license, birth certificate and the national identity card. Also keep passport sized photographs (shouldn’t be more than 6 months old) ready, you will need it.
Proof of consent. This is if you are below the age of 18, and one or both of your parents aren’t applying for the visa long with you. Also, in such a case, you would need to nominate a guardian in Australia, and get a confirmation of appropriate accommodation from the education provider.
Criminal record check results. This one’s pretty obvious.
Proof of English proficiency. This is for those who are coming from non-English speaking countries, but do check the requirements again, since depending on the country you are from, and one you have studied in, you might not require this. For others, this involves taking tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.
If you, or anyone who is applying with you, has had a change of name in the past, you are required to submit documents verifying the same, such as a marriage certificate.
Evidence of your employment history. Submit your pay slips or contract. You would also need to submit a resume/CV which has all the positions you have held listed out, along with the corresponding company names and dates of employment.

A statement stating that you are intending to stay in Australia temporarily and/or documents that support this claim. This will also result in your immigration history being taken into consideration along with your age and other factors.
If you have a child, who’s dependent on you, accompanying you, you would need to give proof that the child has been enrolled in an Australian school.
A copy of your topic of research or thesis, if you are going to be undertaking research in Australia. Also, keep a copy of your CV.
Health insurance documents. This is essentially a proof that you have the OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). Based your intended stream of study you might also have to take additional medical or radiological check-ups.
Evidence that you have the money to pay your fees. Yes, this is where you have to prove that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and your living costs. If you have dependents, then you have to prove that you have the funds to cover for their living and education too. Examples of these documents are loan certificates, certified copies of bank passbooks, proof of cash deposits etc.
Lastly, a completed student visa application form.
If you wanted to make sure you have all the documents you need and haven’t missed out anything, use the document checklist tool. This is personalized based the country you belong to and the university you are going to be studying in, so it’s helpful in that way too.

Do make sure you have everything you need before starting your application, for a hassle-free process. Best of luck !