What are the documents required for France student Visa?

The property of studying in a beautiful country like France is always a boon. Whatever the subject you choose, ensure that you get the application process over for your selection. A French student Visa is very much necessary by the way! This is on point as many students fail to attend French colleges from any issues in the Visa. The processing costs can change for Visa types remember it requires similar document’s primary for any procedures. The Below keys actually help the students to take their requiring documents for the France student Visa process:


  • You should have a long-stay form of application if you opt to study above 90 days in France.
  • 2 passport photos recently taken. (Formal ones are best)
  • Your old passports are essential for resolving any queries.
  • A copy scans of your passport.
  • The ID number’s print copy from your France campus.
  • The French academic place’s ‘letter of registration’ is a must.
  • Your update CV, resume plus the study project details is to be written.
  • The proof of your whole tuition and other fees known is to be clearly written. (Reliability from your side)
  • 3 months bank statement for your account.
  • A medical validation proof separate to France.
  • Language test result certificate from the French (if any)
  • Depending upon the duration of study time you should present a round-trip or a one-way airline pass.
  • OFII form is necessary. (Office Francais de Immigration et de Integration)
  • Bona fide letter from your native nation of study.
  • France Residency proof with mentioning of the extra allowances like electricity bill, etc. for your residential quo to be given in the same.
  • The exact same files that you have given to your French online campus application is compulsory.
  • Have a maximum of 3 mobile numbers ready. It will help you from not missing any opportunity to study in France!
  • A ready multiple copies of your certificates and other academic files.
  • Keep the original forms and 2 or more copies of it with you for any French university visa interviews.


The international or national students with a master’s degree or its equivalent are eligible for one-time non-renewable temporary residency authorization called APS (authorization Provisoire de séjour). This has its validity for 12 months. Students with a job for their academic program may even enter the full-time employment after filling the request for “change of status” in their application. It is necessary for changing from a student to a working employee.

Do have thorough checking on all your France student visa files. Do not miss the opportunity for studying in a nation like France for silly issues made personally. Best of luck!