What Are The Important Steps In Applying For A Student Visa Or Exchange Visitor Visa?

Applying For A Student Visa– First of all in order to apply for an Australian Student visa, you need to satisfy 4 conditions which are namely

  1. Financial Documents Requirement
  2. English Proficiency Requirement
  3. Health Insurance  Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and
  4. Character Certificate.

The online visa application is for around $500.

Applying For A Student Visa or Exchange Visitor Visa:-

Before applying for a visa, you need to ascertain your documents and check if they are in place. For this you’ll need your COE i.e. Confirmation Of Enrolment by an Australian University acknowledging that you have been accepted to a particular program by a university or college.

Secondly, the students are required to assess their Assessment level. This is an exclusive portal facilitated for students who happen to take a particular course and the country of their origin.This AL system classifies students with lowest immigration risk as AL 1. The lower the risk, the lesser cumbersome is the visa application process.

The DIAC  Department of Immigration and Citizenship helps you with list of documents to be prepared for the visa process to take place.You should ideally be submitting your completed Application form for Australian Student visa. Your payment of visa application fee, the different copies of your bio-data on the page of your passport, Certificate of Enrolment,Financial documents establishing financial stability to determine the repayment of loan or payment of tuition,if any.Your health insurance certificates, English Proficiency test results as well as checking into the personal history of criminal records to acknowledge good character certificate.

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