What Can I Become with a Degree in Data Science?

Big Data and Data Science are much heard these days among IT experts. Directly connected to business intelligence and big data analytics, the knowledge acquired while pursuing a degree in data science, is immensely valuable in the job market today.

What Can I Become with a Degree in Data Science?

What Can I Become with a Degree in Data Science?

Here are some of the major career options if you have a degree in data science.

1. Statistician

As a statistician, you’ll have to extract data from databases via various statistical tests and methods. You have to ensure the quality and validate the final conclusion, once all data has been gathered, using the correct sample size, test, and other relevant methods. Statisticians have to compile reports and produce them before project managers and clients.

Job opportunities: government departments and authorities, reporting and consulting firms, market research companies

2. Business intelligence

A business intelligence specialist is usually involved in market research activities to generate actionable reports from systematic data. They use various statistical tools, machine language, and SQL to prepare analyses and reports that are then send to the management. During the process, the business intelligence professionals will add, remove or modify elements from their report to cater to the management goals.

Job opportunities: finance companies, tech firms, reporting and consulting companies

3. Data mining

Also known as big data engineering, data mining experts gather and analyse huge volumes of data, often from unstructured information. A big data engineer also has to build and maintain the software infrastructure. They use several scripting and programming languages to instal and trigger big data solutions.

Job opportunities: trade and retail, entertainment companies, tech firms

4. Data analyst

The core task of a data analyst is largely similar to the business intelligence specialist. The only difference is that the former has to keep track of the factors that affect data performance and also prepare visual graphics. For instance, if a data analyst has to extract data on shopping trends, he/she must consider whether consumer behaviour varies according to seasons, as well as whether it’s different across demographics, gender, profession etc. Data analysts usually present their reports through graphic tools.

Job opportunities: finance firms, telecom, manufacturing, and construction and utility companies

5. Program Manager

A degree in data science can help you become a program manager. Such professionals influence business decisions of companies. They compile and evaluate data provided by the key operational departments of a company. They deal with task planning and the work that needs to be done in this regard. Program managers ensure that the work meets its standard, and is finished on time and within the allotted budget. Program managers, in many companies, are required to know statistics.

Job opportunities: all companies

Future of Data Scientists

Data scientist jobs are becoming increasingly popular, courtesy high-tech companies, government agencies, and consulting and research firms. It’s expected to grow 11% by 2024 and the demand for a degree in data science is all set to rise exponentially. A data scientist job can be both intriguing and rewarding if you are up for challenges.

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