What Can You Do With an English Literature Degree?

The Future of Your Degree in English Literature

Whenever we find a person speaking fluent English, we indeed admire their fluency and their skill of expressing themselves and communicating ideas and thoughts clearly. English, being the international language of communication, media and the internet has dominated the world since years.

But a degree in English Literature is more than just speaking fluent English or writing novels and comics. While reading and writing skills are undoubtedly flourished, the students also inculcate the skills of analysis, interpretation and self-expression through this degree.

A degree in English literature not only gives you a strong hold over your comprehensive, communication and debating skills but also train you at framing narratives. Hence the benefits of an English Literature Degree are manifold.

But the question arises after you have graduated, so as to which area to enter and take up as a profession. No doubt there are numerous branches you can reach out after a degree in English literature but choosing something that interests you and gives you multiple opportunities to grow and serve your purpose, is going to be help you work wonders.

And we are here to help you with the same!

Here are five major professions you can take up as your profession after an English Literature Degree:

1) Journalist:

Do you ever wonder how all the events like cultural, social or economic going on in the world are delivered to us sitting at our home? It has got to be well versed and unbiased journalism.

The role of a journalist is to investigate, analyse and prepare reports of the world events, current affairs, trends and deliver them to the audience.

Journalism is more than just being great in English. It’s about the ability of expressing thoughts on various topics, sensitivity to different topics and team cohesiveness.

While there is considerable competition in this field, it also has numerous opportunities. If you are one of those extroverts who love social interaction, we bet this job is for you!

With passion and hard work, journalism can turn out to be lucrative job.


2) Teacher:

Even though a teaching profession requires certain qualifications, you can start teaching primary and secondary levels by gaining a professional teaching qualification and experience with students.

This job also requires a lot of interaction and capacity to simplify concepts in order to explain them to the students. Skills like problem solving, oral and written communication skills, understanding of human behaviour and critical thinking will help you master this profession.

The role of an English teacher is to enhance communication skills and creative composition skills in reading and literature of students.


3) Writer:

Do you remember Romeo and Juliet? One of the greatest works of all times!

The art and depth of English language is evidently showcased from poems and pieces written by writers, contemporary and new.

If you have a creative mind and can develop characters, plots and can pen down stories that gets a reader hooked, then this job is certainly meant for you!

You can write various forms of literature like novels, poems, comics, acts and other forms of art and publish these online and offline. All you need to have is the skill of expressing situations, stories, nature artistically and dramatically and have a considerable vocabulary.


4) Public Relations:


With the increasing demand for marketing and advertising as well as markets becoming extremely customer service and relationship oriented, the need for PRs has also risen to a great extent.

As a Public Relations specialist, your job is to build a connect with the customer and retain them through excellent communication and services. You will also be responsible for any communication with the press and media as well.

As the advancements in business and development are incredibly global, the need of PRs is ever increasing and will continue to blossom in the coming years.

Thus, along with English and communication skills, if you also some great business sense, this is a perfect choice!



5) Copywriter:


Undoubtedly, one of the highest paying jobs after an English Literature Degree is Copywriting!

Copywriters are hired by ad agencies for defining the minute details and writing verbal and written elements which would make an advertisement more impactful and eye catchy.

A role of copywriter includes writing ad copy, slogans for brands, jingles, content for television commercials and other advertising areas.

If you are creative enough to grab a person’s attention through words, this job can prove to be a promising one for you!

Besides these, there are jobs like law, proofreading, social services, medicine and many others.

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