What is the TOEFL Test?

What is TOEFL Used for?
The TOEFL (“Test of English as a Foreign Language”) is a standardized test that measures a test taker’s mastery of the English language. TOEFL scores are primarily used by universities as part of the admissions process. Typically, those who take the TOEFL want to attend university or graduate school abroad.

Any foreign student that is intending to pursue higher education at an English speaking nation is required to take the TOEFL Test. It is the English proficiency test that is conducted to evaluate the English speaking, reading, writing and understanding ability of the candidate. More than 9000 colleges and universities across the world accept TOEFL as proof of English proficiency of the candidate. The conducting authority of this test is ETS and more than 50 TOEFL ETS tests were conducted every to evaluate the proficiency of the candidate in the English language.

From TOEFL Introduction to the registration process and scoring patterns, everything must be well understood by the candidate prior to taking this English proficiency test. The full form is Test of English as a Foreign Language and it is taken to assess both speak and understanding English ability of the candidate. The candidates intending to pursue higher education at foreign colleges must undergo this test prior to seeking admission to proof their proficiency in English language.

Types of TOEFL Test

TOEFL is mainly conducted online for the convenience of the students. So, students from across the world can take this test from their registered TOEFL test centers located in their respective city. However, there is also other Types of TOEFL Test which students can take if no internet connectivity is available.

  • Computer Based TOEFL – This type of test was introduced in the year 1998 and maximum points that you can score through this test is 300. There are four sections in CBT including writing, reading, Grammar and listening.
  • Internet-Based TOEFL – This test was introduced in the year 2005 and the test is conducted online using the internet. This test comprises of four sections writing, reading, listening and speaking.
  • Paper Based TOEFL – Prior to the introduction of computer-based TOEFL; the students were required to take the paper based test only. This paper based test comprises of three sections including reading comprehension, listen comprehension and grammar.

Different Sections of TOEFL Test

No matter which type of test you would opt for, but the different sections must be covered in the test by the candidate. The different sections of the test that candidate need to cover in their test are as follow.

  • TOEFL Speaking – Speaking is the new innovation that is included in the test. The students are required to take notes throughout the test and speak English language to prove their proficiency. TOEFL Speaking involves expression of opinion on a given topic and speaking based on listening and reading task.
  • TOEFL Listening – In this section, the students are required to answer questions in English. The candidate needs to understand the question and answer it in English. TOEFL Listening involves listening to the lectures, conversations, classroom discussions and answer questions
  • TOEFL ReadingTOEFL Reading involves reading of pages from academic texts and answer questions.
  • TOEFL WritingTOEFL Writing involves writing of essay responses based on listening and reading task and supporting an opinion in writing

There are institutes offering TOEFL General Training to students that are intending to appear for the test.