Which is the Top 10 Most Popular Degrees in UK?

Everyone is so particular about choosing his/her career. They want to pursue the most demanded course from the top most university in the world. According to UNESCO’s Institute for statistics, they found that the percentage of students going abroad for studies is increasing by 12% every year.

Among these, the UK stands to be one of the topmost countries where students are willing to study. Not because of its high-class society but because of its best academic records. The QS World University Rankings offers an annually updated list of Top 100 universities worldwide. In 2021 edition, out of which 4 universities of UK come in top 10 and a total of 18 in top100.

But, is it that simple? Which is the most popular and demanded degree out there in the world? Which course should be one opting for a brighter future? Or what all are the degrees that a particular field holds? And many such questions come, as these popular universities provide more than 50,000 courses. The solution is here, the top 10 most favorable degree in the UK are:

1. Business Degrees 

This all-time favorite course gives you a great opportunity for becoming a successful businessman and an entrepreneur to run the most powerful companies. UK universities are famous for their Business and management degrees.

These degrees will give you the utmost knowledge about how an organization runs. It gives you keen knowledge in all areas of business like business, economy, finance, market, human resource, and administration and like these many courses.

According to the official data, 126,955 students in the UK opt for graduation and post-graduation in Business and Management degree. Most popular Degree courses for Business and Management – Business Administration, Economics, Finance and Management, International Business, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Accounting, International Management Business Analytics,

2. Engineering and Technology

Engineering and technology are in full demand in the UK because of being a world leader in productivity and in technical excellence. Faculties here at UK Universities are very talented; facilities provided here are at the top class, with the best engineering labs and specialization in every area of the broad engineering spectrum makes UK best at Engineering and Technology.

According to the official data, 52,635 international students in the UK opt for graduation and post-graduation in Engineering and technological degrees. Most Popular degrees at the UK- Chemical Engineering, Aeronautics, Bioengineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

3. Social Studies

Students every year from every part of the world eagerly wait to gain the best of education and knowledge from ace faculties about the social subjects at UK universities. Critical thinking, analytical research, and practical approach during this study program will widen the job titles in one’s life. According to the official data 42,785, international students in the UK opt for graduation and post-graduation in Social Studies Degree. Most Popular degrees for Social Studies at UK- Psychology, Political Science, History, Linguistics, Anthropology.

4. Creative Arts and Design

An art degree will lead you more closely towards various kinds of creative jobs. Art and Design will lead your thoughts open, creative thinking, independence, hand-eye coordination, entry into a glamorous world, and communication. These skills and knowledge that you’ll get from this degree will broaden your ideas and creativity level and will give you exposure.

According to the official data, 32,455 international students in the UK opt for graduation and post-graduation in Creative Arts and Design. Most Popular degrees for Creative Arts and Design- Fine Art Painting, Graphic Design, Fashion Design

5. Natural Sciences

Science is the future and one of the most popular degrees all over the world. It helps us to understand the working of the world and gives you logical reasoning rather than one’s beliefs. UK academics and science contribute a lot to scientific workload and achievements all over the world. These universities provide you with the brilliant faculties, the innovations, the practical study, research work, and the advanced labs that will give you immense knowledge.

According to the official data, 26,995 international students in the UK opt for Natural Science degree. Most Popular degrees for Natural Science in the UK – Biology, Marine Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, Earth Science

6. Law

Schools of Law are the most popular and oldest universities in the UK. It is still the most popular and demanded degree all over the world. With such a variety of knowledge, argument skills, and communication skills, give Law graduates more choices in a career than becoming a lawyer.

One can become a solicitor, consultant, barrister, judge, or work with the legal department with the degree. According to the official data, 23,185 international students in the UK opt for graduation and post-graduation for Law Degree. Most Popular degrees for Law in the UK- Bachelor of Law, Criminology, and Law, Master of Laws, Civil Law, International Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice.

7. Medicine

Besides choosing any medical courses in the UK, the benefits are plenty. This is a stream that leads you to a wide range of career options in the Medicine field. It’s more of caring and helping out others at their vulnerable times than just working for money. According to the official data, 21,720 international students in the UK opt for graduation and post-graduation in Medicine Degree.

Most Popular degrees for Medicine in UK- Surgery, Dentistry, Molecular Medicine, Veterinary Surgery, Nursing, Psychotherapy, Biomedicine, Pharmacy, Medical Biotechnology.

8. Mass Communication

This outrageous course asks for your passion and creative skills. The UK is the hub for communication and journalism students coming from all over the world. This career gives you wide options in the communication field – an anchor, a content writer, a digital marketer, a public relations officer, an advertiser, an actor, a cinematographer, a film-maker, and what not! The list goes on and on.

According to the official data, 12,500 international students in the UK opt for graduation and post-graduation in the Mass Communication field. Most Popular degrees for Mass Communication in UK- Journalism, Film & TV Studies, Screenwriting, Digital Media.

9. Hospitality and Tourism

Nowadays, tourism has become the most important economical aspect of a particular country. Though still not as popular as other traditional degrees, Hospitality and Tourism study programs are attracting a large number of international students. These are some popular degrees for Hospitality and Tourism courses in the UK– International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Hospitality, and Tourism Marketing.

10. Sports Science – It specializes in how a human body works during exercise and how sport and physical activity helps in building a good physique and health. It is becoming a very popular and demanding field in the UK. These field experts help athletes to improve their performance and also take care of their health.

These are some popular degrees Sports Science course- Sports and Exercise Sciences, Sports Science and Physiology, Sport & Exercise Nutrition.

*The information has been taken from INTERNATIONAL FACTS AND FIGURES 2019 from the site of Universities UK. The photos are taken from the web.

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