Why Bachelor of Commerce in Canada

Canada is one of the most preferred study destinations for Indian students. The population of Indian residents and students is very high in Canada because the better living conditions and study opportunities along with ease in visa for the Indian students make it almost like a second home to the Indian students.

It is also home to the best and most advanced universities in the world and the education there isn’t much costly as compared to other foreign countries. The scholarship opportunities for the Indian students are also more in Canadian universities and the acceptance rate is high. Study in Canada will definitely give the Indian students an upper hand in comparison to the students who prefer to stay in India for study.

Every year a large number of Indian students opt for studying Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com) in Canada. Canada study visa is also easily available to the meritorious Indian students. That’s why it is becoming one of the fastest-growing study destinations for Indian students.

About Canada

Canada is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world which lies in North America. The country is one of the most advanced countries in the world with all the facilities provided to its citizens and the people residing in the country such as Healthcare, World-class living conditions, transportation facilities, and all the other basic amenities.

Canadian Dollar is its official currency and Ottawa is its capital. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are major cities and these are also the places of great tourist attraction. McGill University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and the University of Waterloo are some of the top-ranked universities in the world that are present in Canada.

About Course

The Bachelor of Commerce course (B.Com) is chosen by the students who have an interest in the management sector and this is one of the most job-producing sectors in the world. The duration of the B.Com course from Canada would be of 4 years of full-time study and after completion of the course, the student would be getting a bachelor level degree in commerce.

Most of the universities in Canada allow the students to take admission after High School but Alberta School of Business follows a different admission process they don’t take admission of the students to direct after High School they require a year pre-professional study about the course from any recognized post-secondary institution. That will allow them to enter their admission process.

The Canadian institutes offer the students a wide range of exposure and practical learning along with the theoretical course structure. The course is designed according to every tier of the student as the students from diverse backgrounds opt for this course. There are 16 specializations available for the students in which they’ve to study one of them in-depth as their major specialization.  The practical learning provided to the students helps them to develop much required analytical skills along with the course.

Universities to look for

Canada is no doubt the home of one of the best universities in the world but still, there are some universities that ranked better than the other and that provide quality education as the other in the field of commerce. Study in Canada will benefit more if you get admission in one of these universities. These are Thompson Rivers University, University of Saskatchewan, University of Toronto, and York University. These universities lie in the rank of the best universities in the world by many ranking companies and agencies.

Cost of Study

The cost of studying in Canada is comparatively slightly less as compared to other countries of the world. The tuition and fees for the first year of the course would be around 14-16 Lakh Indian rupees. Apart from these, there would be also some basic expenses such as Hostel and meal fees which would cost around 3 to 5 Lakh Indian rupees, Books and Supplies which would cost around 1 to 2 Lakh Indian rupees and other expense which would be around 1 to 3 Lakh Indian rupees for the first year of the course.

The meritorious students although can save a large amount of money from the tuition fees by availing a part-time or full-time scholarship provided by universities and the government of Canada for International students.

Admission Process

The Indian students who have opted for commerce, science, or even arts can apply for studying B.Com in Canada. The minimum requirement is that the student should have scored a minimum of 70% marks in both 11th and 12th standards in the major 5 subjects. The applicants who have scored 60% marks in 11th and 50% minimum in 12th can still get admission in some of the universities.

Exams Required

The Exams that are required for the Indian students to take admission in Canadian institutes are:-

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): – It is one the major exam that will open the ways of your admission to study in Canada. But the average minimum score at which the universities accept the students is around 81 with almost 21 points in each section of the paper.
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): – IELTS is also one of the exams that will carve your path in Canadian universities but the average score accepted in IELTS is around 6.5 with no student accepted with a score of less than 5.0.
  • PTE: – It is an exam for the non-native English speakers many of the Canadian institutes and universities also accept its score for the admission. But the score should be above 59 for all the aspirants.

Apart from these exams the students in some cases the students are also exempted from language proficiency but for that, they should have scored more than 75% marks in core English or 80% in functional English Examination in the CBSE or more than 75% marks in English by the ICSE Board.

Documents Required 

  • High School Mark sheet and passing certificate
  • Certificate of Diploma (If any)
  • Intermediate Marksheet and passing certificate
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Entrance exam scorecard
  • Resume
  • Extracurricular activities certificates (If any)

Visa Application

Canada study visa is easily available to the Indian students as compared to any other country of the world due to the relationship between both the countries and Canadian government international policies study in Canada is easy for Indian students. The following documents would be required for Visa:-

  • The candidate should hold a valid Indian Passport which should have a validity of at least 6 months after the completion of course.
  • All the academic documents and work experience documents.
  • The confirmation letter of enrollment from the institute.
  • All the scorecards of the entrance exams in which the candidate has appeared.
  • Overseas Health Insurance Policy details with medical checkup records.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Proof of funds in the account ( For tuition fees, accommodation charges, living expenses and other expenses)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Certified criminal record by Indian judiciary.


Study in Canada will be made much easy for the Indian students if they can avail of any of the scholarships provided by the government and the universities of Canada. As said above by availing the right scholarship students can save a huge amount of money from the tuition fees and can get admission in the reputed universities.

The following are some of the major scholarships available for Indian students to study bachelors of commerce in Canada.

  • University of Alberta- India First Year Excellence Scholarship
  • Go Clean Scholarship
  • Hani Zeini Scholarship
  • Fork tip Women’s Innovation Scholarship
  • QS Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Global Study Awards
  • Kenneth Zegar Scholarship

The scholarships are provided to the International students based on merit apart from all the above there are also many other scholarships available for Indian students. The student can also get a scholarship based on extracurricular activities and other major achievements. You just need to send your documents on time for the right scholarship for you. We at meet university will help you to find the best scholarship for you.

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