Why Canada and Germany Need International Students

Why Canada and Germany Need International Students- Though there are several countries which are in need of international students and offer several scholarships, grants, amenities and privileges to them to attract them to study in their respective country, when it comes to the demand of international students, Canada and Germany seem to top the list undoubtedly.

The reasons why these 2 prosperous and beautiful countries need international students has been discussed below in details:

Study in Canada

Canada believes that attracting international students will help the country get the best of students into their nation and take the country to new height. Statistics reveal that in the last 15 years the enrolment of international students has increased tremendously.  The country boasts of more than a 100,000 students hailing from more than 200 countries are currently studying in the different universities in Canada.

Enriching the native students – Another reason for the need of international students is that such students enrich the countries native student’s educational experience by bringing in different languages, cultures and global perspective which is not easy to achieve otherwise. As most of the students coming from abroad pay the entire cost of their education they have a direct positive effect on the country’s economy.

Help create a strong bond with other countries – The private sector and the universities are working together to bring in more students from abroad. International students who continue working in Canada itself once their education is complete prove to be a workforce that has sound knowledge of the economy, culture and challenges of other countries as well. They also possess the ability to establish long-lasting and strong partnerships with other countries; something that native students and workers fail to achieve.

Cross-cultural understanding is an essential part of developing business relations with other countries and this is mainly why many big companies prefer hiring candidates with worldwide experience.

Study in Germany

The major reason why Germany has started offering post-study work options to all its international students is that it is in great need for such students. Such work options attract more and more students from around the world to study in Germany which is now considered to be one of the strongest study destinations in the world.

Experienced and skilled labour – Like Canada, Germany too wishes to increase the cultural knowledge and global perspective that foreign students bring in with them which helps the country understand the various economies of the world. It also teaches them how to improvise on their own economy. International students are given a world of amenities such as no or very low tuition fees as once they finish their studies and start working, they are seen to be skilled and experienced labour with diverse knowledge which can help the country in several ways.

Spreading the German language – Germany needs international students because it wishes to spread the German language all over the globe. One of the best ways to do so is attract foreign students who are bound to learn the German language while studying in the country and if they plan to go back to their homeland after the course is complete, they are sure to spread the language in their native land too.