Why Indian Students are now choosing Australia and Canada as study abroad destinations over the US?

Study in abroad is the dream of every student. In India students are very much influenced by foreign studies, firstly students were more likely to go UK for their higher studies but in past few years, Indian students are applying more in Canadian and Australian universities. So, Why Indian Students are now choosing Australia and Canada as study abroad destinations over the US?

According to a report there are more than 62,000 Indian students are there in Australia for their higher studies and the number of students are keep on increasing with every year. The reason behind such huge number and interest of students is that there are 30 best cities are there with affordability, employment opportunities, and quality life. Australia ranks 3rd in education system after the UK and US. Australia also provides wide range of courses and other benefits.
Canada is also one of the most prominent choice of Indian students in the field of education. According to a study in 2017 the Indian students who applied for visas were increased by 60% from the previous year. Canadian universities permitted 317110 students for the study in their country out of which 83410 were Indian students.
There are some reasons why Indian students are choosing Canada and Australia as their education hub:
• Affordability: The first thing that comes in the mind of every student and their parents are the expenses of studying there, Canada and Australia are cheaper as compare to UK and US. The tuition fees and the living cost is affordable there.
• Popular universities and variety of courses: The other thing that attracts the Indian students is that they provide different variety of courses and some of the courses are available only in their universities. Australia and Canada has some of the best universities in the world like The Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, and University of Toronto, etc.
• Safety Purposes: Canada is the first priority of every student when it comes to foreign studies. Australia and Canada are the countries where the rate of accidents with students are rare because the residents of the countries are very welcoming and loving.
• Post-study work permit: Australia and Canada provide post study work permit which most of the countries does not provide. In Australia after two year of study student can apply for post study work visa and in Canada the study limit is three years students can apply for post work visa after three years of study.