Why international graduates are not getting jobs in UK?

By Meet University

international graduates
international graduates

Are you wondering why can’t any international graduates find a job in the UK? What possibly must be going wrong?

We’ll see about the factors that are hard on international graduates in terms of jobs.

People say anything they want. Some people say it is because of the government, some say it is because the UK employers do not want to hire an international student.

But the truth is, there are confusing conditions in the view of jobs with sponsorships.

From adjusting to the environment and atmosphere around there to getting used to the culture, food, climate, academics, the international graduates are fighting so hard to make something possible for themselves.

If they had to achieve anything, they need to do it only in the hard way.

Now, I’ll disclose the reasons why international graduates are struggling to get a job in the UK.

But before that is it possible to get a john in the UK as an international graduates?

The jobs for international graduates are possible if they apply for the Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Visa post their studies.

An international graduates should find a job in four months else, they will be asked to leave.

Also, don’t forget that your annual income should not be less than $27,290.

Main Reasons why international graduates are struggling to get a Job in the UK

Poor Understanding of the long term goals:

The top reason for international graduates finding it difficult to get a job with sponsorship in the UK is because they are not educated with the options that are available to them. It won’t be useful if you only understand the options you should also know which suits you for your long-term career goals.

This is in regards to the time you have left to stay in the UK with a work visa that you have received the sponsorship for.

As an international graduates, your big option for sponsorships is a Tier 2 and Tier 5 GAE visa. The jobs under the Tier 2 Visa will be valid at least for two to three years and you will be given an opportunity to stay for longer if your performance is admirable.

The Tier 5 GAE Visa will cover only up to 2 years and you will have to leave the UK once the period is over.

If you want to stay in the UK and find a long term position, you will have to choose one that works for your career goals between the two.

This is where most of the international graduates struggle to make a decision that suits them. So many graduates end up blowing up the time by applying to jobs they don’t even fit.

If this part is cleared, you are already on the right path.

Underestimating the UK Graduate Recruitment Process:

When you finally understand the visa options and plan for a proper job, the next obstacle you have on your way is underestimating the UK Graduate Recruitment Process.

Tier 2 is a long process. You will need to make time for the processes.

international graduates find it difficult to balance their studies along with the processes they need to prepare for.

The process you need to pass for applying the Tier 2 and the Tier 5 visa are the following,

  1. Application Stage
  2. Psychometric Tests
  3. Video / Digital / Telephonic Interview
  4. Assessment Stage

The problem is you will not get any time to carry over this process while you are still studying. This is the place where you should make yourself sure that if this is what you want, do you need to find a job with sponsorship here in the UK? Make sure to ask these questions to yourself.

Starting the process too late:

This is a worrisome problem. international graduates start this process far too late. How do you expect to get a job when you are starting this process this late?

Do anything but don’t wait until the last minute to search for a job with sponsorship.

Finding a job with sponsorship in the UK is completely different from finding a job in your native.

You need to start real quick, even a period of 3 months won’t be enough since you need to find a job, apply for it, and also change your visa from Tier 4 to Tier 2 or Tier 5.

Don’t you think this will extract an ample amount of time?

Keep this in mind, You should find a job before your Tier 4 Visa expires.

When your student visa expires, your employer has to do the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT). The company that hires you have to put their money in doing this process for you. So time is very important. If you do not find a job within the expiration of a Tier 4 Visa, the companies with the Tier 2 License will not even consider hiring you.

On the contrary, when you get a Tier 5 visa, you will have 12 months to find yourself a job post-graduation.

The main point here is, the employers in the UK usually prefer a face-to-face interview with the candidates. So you need to fly back to attend just the interview process.

Career Prospects for international graduates in the UK

The international graduates have more scope in the following careers streams,

  • Agriculture
  • Production
  • Services

International Graduates in the UK can apply for the jobs in the streams mentioned below,

  • Consulting
  • Oil and Energy
  • Law
  • Retail
  • Armed Forces
  • Investment Banking
  • Accounting and professional services

How is it to work in the UK environment?

Since the UK has lower crime rates than any other country and hence it is considered safe to live.

The job opportunities for international graduates in the UK are growing day by day.

All they have to do is understand their goals, understand the visa options they have, and come to a proper decision.

Don’t forget to take up a job where the employer has a license to sponsor the employee’s application for having had to stay in the UK for work.

Closing Points:

I’m now breaking the bubble. It is not really hard for an international graduates to secure a job in the UK with sponsorship. Those are just misconceptions. international graduates should understand what they need to do. They should speed up doing the process.

Usually, the only problem an employer from the UK has about international graduates is their ability to understand English. Otherwise, you are all set.