Why MBA after B.Tech

B.Tech is one of the most advanced and technical courses of graduation which requires a high level of expertise and skills to qualify as an engineer. Every year a large number of engineering students get enrolled in MBA courses as a post-graduation degree and the number is increasing more and more year by year. The B.Tech degree gives the person all the related technical skills in the field of his/her specialization but adding an MBA degree in your resume with give to managerial and administrative skills along with the technical skills. An MBA degree after B.Tech will add a feather to its cap.

Why MBA?

This is the most common question that at least comes once in the minds o engineering graduate that why MBA. The answer to this question can be given in regards to many aspects. MBA degree basically provide a leverage to the engineering students because in engineering the study is related to core technical subjects of specialization and when the course is about to end many of the engineers already understand that they’ve gained technical expertise and now they’ve to ensure better opportunity for growth they opt for MBA.

Although bachelor of engineering is considered a far more advanced degree than the other graduation level degrees but it barely provides the students organizational insights and teaches them how to handle the people. MBA degree will provide them with the right set of skills to teach them how to handle the people and the organization and how they can evolve themselves from working in an organization to managing it.

Adding an MBA degree after B.Tech will also add another key credential to your resume and this will also help the individual to open new areas of employment opportunities. It will also increase the knowledge of the person about the current market scenario that how things are working in the industry and what the things that are required to survive in the industry can be learned by the person after doing an MBA.

Global Recognition of an MBA Degree

MBA is a program that students of any course can enroll. The people of all backgrounds choose MBA after B.Tech. One of the most common reasons for this is the global recognition of the degree and MBA can be done in many fields such as:-

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • International Business
  • Information Technology
  • Banking
  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Aviation Management
  • Power Management
  • Data Analyst
  • Insurance
  • Media Management

These are some of the major specializations offered by MBA courses in India apart from it there are also some more specializations.

The Mixture of Skills

B.Tech degree will give the person ample of technical skills. In engineering, the specialization which the person chooses gives him all the knowledge and details of the background about the subject and makes him technically sound, and as it is said earlier an MBA degree will add managerial and administrative skills to the skill set of the person. That makes his resume strong as it is a very beneficial combination of mixing the technical skills with managerial and administrative skills.

Developing Priceless Management Skills

In engineering, the study is related to subjects only mainly the person gains a lot of practical skills with this degree but the person lacks management skills up to some extent. MBA teaches the person management skills in all the aspects of his/her related field of study whether the person chooses any specialization in MBA his administrative and management skills develop as the course proceeds and it also offers the person a wide range of exposure in the field of business.

Higher Income           

The person who chooses an MBA after B.Tech gets enhanced job opportunities. It is true that an engineering degree gives the person a job in which he’ll earn as compared to a person who chooses an MBA. MBA degree even offers the person a job in the managerial post at the office and if MBA is done from reputed institutes the person can get a chance to hold the senior posts in the business if they make an impact on the recruiter in the interview.

Job Opportunities

Adding an MBA degree to your resume will surely open new and vivid job opportunities for the person. If a person works after doing engineering only such as if someone opted for mechanical engineering or electrical engineering he can work in a related field only, i.e. the job opportunities are limited for them.

But after completing the MBA course the person gets the entry to the corporate world, there is a wide horizon in front of the person to explore. Studying MBA from abroad also provides the person to work with International companies and gives them International exposure in companies such as:-

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Deloitte
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • McKinsey
  • PepsiCo
  • CitiGroup

Networking Opportunities

Entering the corporate world through MBA will open a lot of opportunities for the person. MBA admission in good colleges and universities in India and abroad will surely improve your networking. It is said in today’s world networking is the most important thing, i.e. building relationships will help the person in long term goal gaining because relationships in work are as important as building your right skill set and MBA degree will definitely improve the networking of the person.

International Exposure

Studying MBA abroad after B.Tech will give the person international exposure. When you’ll arrive in a different country you’re going to be a part of their culture and you’ll be meeting a lot of people from different corners of the world which will give the person International exposure. This will also help you to learn from their culture and teach them something from you and it will also open employment chances for you in different parts of the world as they can use their connections in their home country and you can use yours in your home country for them. It can also give you a chance to be part of one of the MNC if you crack an interview for it.

Budding Entrepreneurship

MBA teaches the personal relevant skills to run and administrate a business a lot of people choose entrepreneurship after completing their MBA because they feel confident and self-dependent enough to start their business and employ other peoples also. Most of the graduates of engineering can choose to start their own manufacturing company or firm as they have all the required technical expertise and MBA will those skills to manage it. Planning, E-Commerce, Financial Management, Marketing are some of the major areas in which young emerging entrepreneurs are coming and making a fortune out of it.

Personality Development

Most of the MBA courses focus more on building the personality of the individual along with giving him/her the knowledge about course. If you’ve to administrate of manage the people you should have a personality that people will listen to you and they follow what you say. For this, your personality should be dynamic and humble. MBA program in India or especially MBA in abroad has separate classes for building the personality of the individual that will help them to achieve long term goals and make their personality full with the charm that requires being a manager and managing the people.

Flexible Study Options

Engineering courses require practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge that why engineering requires full-time study at the campus. After B.Tech many of the students choose for different jobs because of that they will not be able to join a full-time post-graduation course. That’s why an MBA is a better option for them because many universities in India and abroad offer part-time or distance education programs for MBA. That can be a better option for them as they can complete their study along with their jobs.

Job Profiles after MBA

There is a wide range of job profiles available for B.Tech students who complete an MBA after their graduation. Some of the major profiles are:-

  • Financial Analyst
  • Data Marketer
  • IT Manager
  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Analyst
  • Market Research Manager
  • Chief Technology Manager

These are the major jobs available for B.Tech students after MBA.

The students who choose an MBA after B.Tech surely add many opportunities and skills to themselves. It is a decision that will benefit you in every possible way.