Why Ontario City is the Most Preferred Place for Students?

A perfect assimilation of culture and good quality education that is what Ontario is all about. This is an exciting place to live in because it offers you everything that is needed in your student life. This place reconnects you with nature and makes you pursue an education in full zeal.

Know more about the City Ontario, Canada:

Nice entertainment facilities exist in the city which can keep you busy and there are ample opportunities to follow the newest fashion trends as well. Ontario can never be short of anything that can provide better living experience if you have come here for pursuing your studies for a better future.

Ontario houses most of the population of whole Canada and the quality of living here is quite high too. For this reason, many students come here willingly to get enrolled because of the promising job opportunities. Besides that, students, to meet their expenses of living can also work on a part-time basis for which proper certification will also be received by the employers.

This city is well connected owing to the public means of transport, therefore, you can reach your favorite pub or movie hall in a span of few moments. Accommodation facilities offer everything that is needed for the students to stay in a comfortable way. Shopping centers are nearby so that you can go shopping your stuff at the affordable prices.

Educational institutions in Ontario follow the international standards and holistic institutions are funded by the government. In these colleges, student representation is ensured through the unions which function in these institutions.


For the students, the city offers multiple modes of accommodation which is on-campus and off-campus facilities. These places of accommodation offer high standards of living, and with the modern living spaces, a comfortable stay is ensured. The facilities include the garage parking for those own a vehicle and roommate matching services so that you can live without any hassles.

This also includes, sharing accommodation with the Indian families living in the city and if you are willing to stay in flat, then you may find one from your region as well. Other facilities include the gyms and amenities which help you stay fit and fine.

Cost of living

Studying in Canada and especially in Ontario is a rewarding investment that you would make during your student life. When you have decided to study in Ontario, then check out the cost of living which the city offers. It is the food and accommodation which constitutes most of the cost of living for which you have to pay for.

Besides the accommodation and the food, other inclusive factors are the medical insurance and the books along with the expense that you have to make on your clothing. If you have picked the on-campus stay, then your expenses are going to be a bit lower in comparison to the off-campus stay.

Rent for accommodation also varies based upon the locations of the housing which includes the places such as the Census Metro Area, UTSC, UTM and the places near St. George.


Getting entertained in the city is quite easy as there are multiple modes to make you have a great time in the city. As a loner or in a group, you may watch out for the fun-ways that you can have in the city. Exciting activities you can enjoy which include the clubs and the malls that offer the indoor games.

You may set forth your fun-journey for the Fleetwayfun, Ontario place which has IMAX theater to enjoy your movies. The CN tower has an eatery which is revolving, and you may also enjoy the nature adventures at the Blue Mountains. If you want to enjoy the lakeside concert, then Budweiser stage is simply the best place to visit. Core Entertainment offers a grand venue to enjoy the plays and the concerts by eminent artists.

Travel and transportation

Ontario is well connected from other cities as well as all the places of importance within the city through rail, bus, and road network. Waterways is also an option but are meant for transportation, and off late you can also find here the ferry services through which you can enjoy a nice sightseeing.

Railways connect the far off destinations in the city and fares are within your reach. Ontario also gets connected with Vancouver and many American cities such as NYC, Buffalo, and Albany. Road network includes the highways as well as the bus routes which provide for easy connectivity with the cities.


Sports are well promoted in Ontario as the universities have the teams and clubs for various extracurricular activities. Soccer, baseball, hockey, football, rugby are well represented through the sports teams which play on professional level. Besides that, you may also go for fishing activities at the Lake Ontario and Hockey Hall of Fame which offers interactive games and legendary artifacts for display.

Rideau Canal is meant for skating so that you can enjoy and have a great time with your friends. Go for birdwatching at Lake Huron and take pleasure in the beaches there. Canada Wonderland is a perfect place for those who seek to have the roller coaster rides, and at National Gallery of Canada, you can see the exemplary Canadian works.

Food and Grocery Shopping

To get the best stuff at a limited price, Ontario has many shopping stores. Most of these are in the northern Ontario which offers the services that help to deliver the stuff at your doorsteps and in right time. If you are a meat-lover, then Zehrs Great Food should be your forte which is family owned and is said to be one of the best in the area.

You can check in at Norland Food Market – Convenience Corner Store, Cloyne Village Floods, Ontario Food Market, Food Mart, The Common Market, Ballantrae Food Market, Mi Tienda Latina and many others in the area.

Job Opportunities

Ontario has a flourishing economy which offers a lot of jobs for the students who have completed their study term in the universities here. Through the web portals and university services, students are informed in due time about recruitment processes that companies are going to undertake.

Ontario has an official network through which students can build skills and apply for jobs. Government sector also carries out recruitment for the students and special employment programs are available for those who are less than 30 years of age.

Part-Time Jobs

To meet the extra expenses, part-time jobs have become the norm in Ontario. Students in their off-campus time serve as a sales clerk, counter attendant, customer service executives, nurse, geriatric nurse, decorating consultant and in many other capacities. In fact, some of the universities also offer the jobs based on the qualification of the students on a short-term basis.

The students can serve on the contracts, and once their service contract is over, the employers also provide the certificate and the training experience which adds the value to a resume.

Personal care

With many parlors and spas available in Ontario, you can pick the one which suits your budget and close to the place you live by. Changing your appearance is pretty easy with the help of the services provided by these parlors which include Platium One, Thrive Studios, True Love Tatto which is quite well known for the tattoo-art.

Sterilised tools and equipment are used, and hygiene is ensured through cleanliness and maintaining the quality of service as well. The crew and the staff are well trained in their work and hold the certification for the respective services available. You can take the appointments as per your convenience to ensure you get you get properly attended.

Indian communities

Ontario has large numbers of Indian communities residing, and many of them have established their career in the prominent and thriving field of the country. Connecting with Indian communities in the country is possible with the help of the Commissions of India which also enables you to get the assistance of Indians living in Ontario and other parts of Canada.

You will get to know about the latest events in India through the website and besides that also notifies about the seminars and events which are held regularly in the city exclusively for Indians.


Ontario is a place which you are surely going to enjoy, and the golfing experience is something that you cannot forget. Many of the restaurants are curated for combining the playing experience with great food and drinks. Natural surroundings in some of the pubs are simply amazing which includes the ones that are, Millincobourg, Boar’s Head Pub, Ned Devine’s Irish Pub.

Tir Nan Og is a place which is old fashioned yet provides you are ultimate dining experience with the live music and karaoke that it has. Rikochez Pub has the grilled food which is made lusciously tasty in the affordable prize.