Know About Winnipeg Canada Before Paying Your Visit to This City

The capital city of Manitoba, Winnipeg is the resource rich province with over 1.3 million people and surrounded by Saskatchewan on west, Ontario on east and Minnesota and North Dakota on south. The city is considered to be the welcoming gateway that comprises of a centre of commerce and trade, center for arts and culture, with rich history of academic excellence and growing economic opportunity. Winnipeg Canada is most culturally diversified city of Canada where over 100 different languages are represented and hence the city is globally acclaimed for its flourishing arts scene, cultural and educational achievements.

Winnipeg Canada

Winnipeg Canada:

Apart from being the seat of government administration, the city comprises of brawny business community, flourishing cultural life and world class educational hubs that attracts millions of students every years to pursue their higher education in one of its leading educational institutions. The ethic cultures of Winnipeg is known to offer some of the basis for its Folklorama Festival in summer seasons that attract over 50 pavilions featuring folklore, cuisines, consumes and craftwork.

In regards to education, Winnipeg Canada also tops the list for national and international students. Comprising some of the leading college of repute, educational institutions and Winnipeg University, the city registers a large number of international student influxes every year and welcomes the enrollments of both national and international students. Winnipeg is the home to more than 1000 international students from across 68 countries. Over 5% of student population seek enrollment in the Winnipeg University to pursue higher education because the support service, academic excellence and student facilities ensure that each student have great experience throughout their academic years.

Accommodation and Housing

While living within the campus of educational institution is one option for accommodation for students, however there are also other housing options available for students who want to live outside the campus. From apartment rentals to privately owned properties, every type of housing and rental accommodation is available in the city of Winnipeg Canada. The average weekly rental may range from 30 pounds to 95 pounds depending upon the accommodation type and location of the property. Living on campus would be the best housing option for students with tight budget as it allows them to study at the university, while making great lasting friends and excel their studies, all at affordable housing rates.

The city of Winnipeg is dotted with a variety of vocational rental properties, guest houses, lodges and hotels which you may choose depending upon your budget and preferences. Students studying at the University of Winnipeg can opt for on-campus living or they may choose the private rental properties in and around Winnipeg.

The University of Winnipeg has its own on-campus residences to provide excellent housing facility to first year students studying at University of Winnipeg. There are variety of living options available within the campus to cater to the specific needs of the students.

Food and Grocery Shopping

Students from outside Canada will surely find food available in Winnipeg very differently than their home country and they will be amazed with the vast selection of food items and groceries. The supermarkets and local market for food and grocery shopping are located in close proximity to most of the educational institutions. The university has its own retail stores within the campus from where students can purchase their weekly food and groceries. In terms of food and grocery shopping, Winnipeg is quite affordable and students can purchase their weekly groceries from the supermarkets or from the local stores located outside the university campus.

Winnipeg Food and Grocery

For food and grocery shopping, students can either visit the Sun Wah Supermarket, Lucky Supermarket or Dino’s Grocery mart. For the convenience of the students, online orders are also accepted by some of the online food stores in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Grocery is the online store that accepts orders from students and residents of Winnipeg and delivers fresh food and grocery within 24 hours.


Winnipeg is the culturally diversified city that is globally acclaimed as cultural curdles of Canada with rich arts and culture scene. There are a lot many entertainment options available within the city of Winnipeg. Students and families can enjoy skating down the Assiniboine River or pay a visit to racecourse in order to enjoy a race. Winnipeg is the home to Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Canada’s oldest civic art gallery, the Winnipeg Gallery. You can enjoy exploring all these places along with other galleries in the city and entertain yourself with performing arts groups at Exchange District, which is the exciting neighborhood for students to study and stay.

Winnipeg Entertainment gif

Winnipeg is also known as the diversity capital of Canada which is a abode to people from across the world. The cuisines, people, architecture, special events, festivals, more than 100 languages spoken, cultural facilities and offerings are some of the unique and amazing attractions of the city. You can enjoy celebrations to Dinner Theater or pay a visit to the Shakespeare in the Ruins, enjoy Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers, Le Cercle Moliere, Manitoba Theatre Centre or Prairie Theatre Exchange, there are many things to do and entertain you in Winnipeg.

Travel and Transportation

Winnipeg is located right at the centre of Canada and it is easily accessible from any major airports of the world. The city has its own international airport called Winnipeg International Airport which is located few hour drive away from the city centre to the Red River College Notre Dam Campus and nearby housing.

Winnipeg transportation

All the full-time and part-time college students in Winnipeg enrolled in degree programs leading to recognized diploma and degree are entitled to avail the discounted bus rates. Students can purchase the monthly pass for bus ride across the city. The pass allows them to enjoy unlimited use of bus services in Winnipeg throughout the academic years. The bus pass for students can be collected from the college office and it is valid with the student identification. Students can look at the Winnipeg Transit website to collect for information on travel and transportation within Winnipeg. Students driving car are required to have valid license. Students can also rent a cycle to enjoy cycling within the city as there is separate lane for cycle at all major centers of the city.

Cost of Living

Unlike other major cities of Canada, Winnipeg is comparatively affordable place to live and study. The Cost of living in Winnipeg is somewhere more affordable compared to all other cities, with housing, insurance, electricity, college and university tuition fees and more are available at much affordable rates for residents high quality healthcare services are also offered for free.

Winnipeg living expenses

After paying the basic personal cost during the academic years, a student is likely to save more compared to other cities in Canada. Consumer prices in Toronto surpass Winnipeg by 6% with rents whopping up to 65% higher. So, in comparison, Winnipeg is more affordable in regards to living and studying with consume prices of 18% only and rent 77% higher.

Job Opportunities

Students studying at the colleges and university of Winnipeg usually work as part-timer in Winnipeg to fund their education. After studying at the leading college and universities of Winnipeg, students are likely to excel in their career and grab the best job opportunity of their interest. The career services at the colleges and universities in Winnipeg offers consultation and career guidance to all post graduate students and help them grab suitable jobs through campus placements. A comprehensive range of supports are offered to recent graduates and students of the university in Winnipeg.

The career service helps the students in their career planning and provides them with tools and tips on how to explore different fields, assess yourself, decide a career path and grab the best job opportunity through campus placement. The universities and colleges in Winnipeg focus on compiling resources on graduate schools, occupations and pre-professional admission testing and ways to get hands-on experience and volunteer positions.

Winnipeg job opportunities

When the students are ready for a job opportunity, whether part-time jobs during studies or first career position, the colleges advice the students on how to conduct the job search to find the suitable job opportunity post their studies. They also have samples and suggestion for preparing the effective resumes for jobs and CVs and cover letter and few tips on getting ready for the interview. Students after their graduation are required to regularly check the job listings to find the best job opportunities of their interest. Winnipeg Chronicle is the best place where students can find some great job opportunities in Winnipeg during their academic years or post their graduation.

Part-Time Work

With over 1400 vacancies, the part time job sector in Winnipeg is quite popular amongst the students pursuing their studies in the colleges and universities in Winnipeg. Students are likely to find more than 50 related job roles in Winnipeg that will suit their skills and interest. A large number of job vacancies are listed and indexed regularly in Winnipeg and in nearby regions like Thompson, Dauphin, Brandon and Portage La Prairie.

However, international students pursuing education in Winnipeg are required to have work permits to work as part-timer in Winnipeg during their academic years. Students interested in working within the campus are also required to have work permit. To work outside the campus, students need to apply for off-campus work permit. The website of college and university comprises of career resource centre that provide resources including current job openings, internship, volunteer postings and information about all part-time jobs in and around Winnipeg. Career Fair is also organized every year where students can enroll to get the best suited part time jobs in Winnipeg while studying.


Bowling is Canada’s leading participation activity that attracts millions of people every year for a bowling session. Academy Lanes West, Bowling Lanes, Billy Mosienko Lanes are dedicated in offering the best entertainment value in Winnipeg today. The modern bowling centers in Winnipeg are designed with safe bumpers blowing lanes and comprise of many lightweight bowling balls and small shoes for kids and youth. Besides, students can also put on their thinking cap for an adventurous activity of puzzles at Epic Escape, Enigma Escapes, The Real Escape Canada, Escape Hatch, Codebreakers and Ultimate Lockdown game rooms.

You can also catch the Manitoba Opera’s premiere of Falstaff, which is a comedy of operatic proportions that is surrounded by antics of well-aged knight, Sir John Falstaff. For entertainment, students can head towards to dancing center to view the mesmerizing and interpretive dance step of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. You can also explore more about the rich culture and history of Winnipeg and its buildings with a self-guided QR Code Tour of Winnipeg Architecture by Winnipeg Architecture Foundation. Students who want to bust a gut laughing during a musical comedy show of Book of Mormon may visit the Centennial Concert Hall.

Students can also glide alongside the try tricks on rails, skating trails or jump in the snowboard fun park or zoom down to the toboggan run and enjoy playing games of hockey on the outdoor rinks at Arctic Glacier Winter Park at the Forks.

Indian Communities

If you are keen in making Indian friends and get in touch with the Indians living in Winnipeg, then ensure to discover the Indian Expat Community in Winnipeg. It is the best way to get in touch with Indians and Indian Communities living in Winnipeg. India Association of Manitoba is also a great resource to get in touch with the Indian Communities in Winnipeg. Students can also get in touch with the India Centre for Academic, Business and Community Excellence which is a partnership between University of Winnipeg and Indi Association of Manitoba.


The city of Winnipeg comprises of some of the best restaurants, hotels and pubs where students can enjoy mesmerizing moments. The pubs in Winnipeg are the best way to explore the nightlife of Winnipeg. From traditional pubs to stylish cocktail bars, Winnipeg has some of the best pubs including Finn’s Pub, The Grove, Fox & Hounds Tavern, and Yellow Dog Tavern.