Worcester, England

Worcester is an English cathedral city located on the bank of the river Severn and it is the county town of Worcestershire. You can witness a magnificent cathedral in the center of the city which is perched along the riverbank and dominates the skyline for miles.

Worcester City, England:

While in Worcester you will get the small town feel amid the attractive medieval, Georgian, Tudor, and modern architecture but you will witness the sophistication and amenities of a big city too. So, it’s a smart city with a laid back feel and easy to explore. You can cover most of the places by walking or by using public transport.

Worcester, England

Although possessing all the sophistication and amenities of a city, Worcester with its attractive jumble of medieval, Tudor, Georgian, and modern architecture has the feel of a small town. It’s particularly easy to explore and get around – both on foot and using public transport.

Worcester is home to the renowned and prestigious The Worcester University which is shortlisted for the Top 20 in England for Employability.

The city is ideally situated between the two areas of breath-taking beauty. As it is surrounded by the rolling Malvern Hills & the Cotswolds one can witness the spectacular views of the Severn Valley.

The city is known for its fascinating history and colorful culture and home to numerous riverside cafes and bars, museums, theaters, and stylish shops.

Worcester Accommodation

The University of Worcester offers accommodation to its students as per their need and budget. One can go for halls of residence as per his/her requirements, these traditional halls accommodations are available at £91 per week to the £149 per week en-suite extra. The on-campus accommodation includes gym membership, free internet access, 24-hour security; welfare support; 24-hour emergency maintenance; contents insurance; facilities for self-catering; and recycling facilities.

There are many options to stay off-campus and you can rent out accommodation outside campus too. The campus support team helps you to rent out a property outside campus too.

Accommodation Costs at The University of Worcester

Number of university/college beds 1,158
Typical annual cost of university/college accommodation* £4,251–£5,109
Typical annual cost of private accommodation* £3,250–£4,750

 Worcester Cost of Living

The cost of living which will include everything other than your tuition fees i.e. Accommodation, the basic utilities, insurance and other expenses in Worcester is comparatively reasonable. The cost of accommodation and many other costs are lower in Worcester than the larger cities. The biggest advantage of the city being a small city is that you can reach your destination just by walking so you don’t need to spend extra on transport. You will require from £6,000 to £7,500 for 38-week academic year to cover the living expenses if you are staying on the university campus

Worcester Part-time Jobs

There are a number of benefits of earning while learning like the boost in the chances of getting employed after graduation, skills gained and learning how to handle real-life work situations etc. It gives you the opportunity to develop your network and get a job once you are done with your graduation.

Worcester, England Part time jobs

One can go for on-campus part-time opportunities available or off-campus jobs at bars, cafes, restaurants, malls etc.

Worcester Food and Shopping

The city of Worcester has something to offer everyone. From vintage tearooms to riverside alfresco dining, there are dozens of restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars where you can tickle your taste buds with global and local cuisines.

You can also taste the local produce at the local markets and the food festivals which are talk of the town.Worcester is a haven for fashion lovers and you will find all the high street brands, designer labels in the city center and at the various independent boutiques, exclusive stores & second-hand shops.

Worcester, England Food and market

Worcester is a haven for fashion lovers and you will find all the high street brands, designer labels in the city center and at the various independent boutiques, exclusive stores & second-hand shops.

Entertainment in Worcester City

The city has so much to offer to all. There are many places like Elgar Birthplace Museum, the church of St Michael, Witley Court, Spetchley Park National Trust’s Croome Park, and Capability Brown’s landscaped masterpiece etc. you can explore. The city is also surrounded by beautiful landscapes, riverside restaurants, clubs, theatres and live cultural events are some of the various options to indulge in over the weekend.

Worcester entertainment

Worcester Travel and Transport

Worcester is centrally located and well connected via rail and road links. You can reach Worcester easily from any part of the world. You can reach the city within 60 minutes from Bristol, Coventry or Telford; 45 minutes from Hereford or Wolverhampton; 45 minutes from Birmingham; or 90 minutes from Cardiff. The train services are excellent and that’s why you can reach your destinations swiftly.

Worcester transport

Worcester Culture

With so much to do one thing is for sure that you will never be bored in Worcester or feel that you have nothing to do. You can explore the art galleries, museums, spectacular views, riverside restaurants, cafes, and bars etc. There are so many cultural events being conducted in the city including vibrant live arts and children’s literature festival.